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Coffee Break: That Time I Signed My Children Up For A Class In Utah. And Vent Grossness.

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I've had a lot of "that mom" moments since we've moved to Ohio.....

I was "that mom" who wasn't aware there was a No Food/Sweets/Edible Goodness Policy for classroom parties, and sent her child with frosting laden cookies for class Valentines.  It started to make sense when I opened Mia's Valentines Day bag of goodies to find nary a conversation heart for me to steal.  A quick text to the homeroom mom confirmed that yes, there was in fact a policy but "Sophie really enjoyed her cookie".

I was also "that mom" who sent her daughter to school in full uniform because I didn't know about the school's policy to automatically shift Spirit Day to the following school day if school is cancelled for some reason.  Thank you, Snowpocalypse.

And I was "that mom" who didn't buy tickets to the boys' school's annual fundraiser dinner because I might have misplaced the form among the stacks of moving boxes and missed the ticket sales date.  "I know it's really hard to see everyone else eating spaghetti after your awesome singing performance, but how about we go grab Chick-Fil-A instead?"

I thought being out of school for the summer would let me off the hook from having to keep track of so many details/paperwork amidst a half unpacked house, and actually have a functioning brain for decision making.  But no.

My kids have been super excited for this sports class we signed them up for 3 days a week starting in June.  The night before the first class I sat down to google the directions for the park.  A park I have never heard of.  But....

We're new here and Dayton has a tons of parks, so I'm sure this is just one we haven't explored yet.  

Hmmmmm, that's Stoops Park in Centerville. Let's try "Dayton"....

Why does it keep prompting me with Centerville, UT.  We're in Centerville, OHIO.  Wait a minute.......

Commence frantic rush back to the registration page....

"Welcome to Centerville City!"

But what state????

No where on this site does it say the STATE!!!!!

Finally at the very bottom of their webpage, in teeny tiny font, was "Centerville, UT".

I couldn't even look at James.  I grabbed my phone, called up my friend who also moved here from ABQ, and painfully informed her that I believed we had just signed our kids up for a class in Utah.

Fortunately, it turns out that people from Utah are very nice and they gave us a full refund.  Although, they thought it was very strange to receive two calls from two apologetic mothers with the same sob story in one day.

Sorry, Utah.  I don't even know what to say. #hangsheadinshame

In vent news.....

The previous owners of this house had a dog and we've found a lot of junk in the floor vents.  We had no idea how long it had been since the vents were last cleaned and since our little man has asthma, I jumped on a Groupon for vent cleaning.

Our appointment was this morning and little did we know....

Not only had the vents never been cleaned in ever, but as soon as the tech cut a hole into the main line he found mold.  I don't think there's a word that could have freaked me out more than "mold" at that moment.

And it didn't stop there.  The vents were beyond filthy. The ones on our slab foundation had bits of concrete in them as well - a sign that the foundation hadn't been sealed at the recommended times.  He also found shavings and a strong hamster stench in one of the vents, and wads of dog hair with the overpowering smell of URINE in another.

At which point I almost passed out.

He cleaned out 12 of our 17 vents, which the Groupon covered, and then gave us a quote for the rest, including an option for a UV light purification system that attaches right to the furnace. It purifies the air as it goes through the system and has a lifetime warranty.

We certainly didn't plan on having the vents cleaned, mold treated, everything sanitized, foundation areas properly sealed and the air purification dealio installed.  But that's exactly what happened between the hours of 10-2pm today.  We're just thankful to actually know the "state of the vents" and to have it taken care of.  It's peace of mind knowing that our Jack (and all of us!) is breathing clean air and that we won't be bringing a newborn home to mold and urine issues.  I still want to gag when I think about it.

It makes me wonder what other unseen issues are going on within this house...but I can't let my mind go to paranoidville.  These "surprises" are all part of home ownership.  We love our home and are just really glad that the air in it is now clean.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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