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Coffee Break: Outdoor Sales!

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Hooty Hoo!  The weekend is here!  It's been a long week and I'm ready for a weekend cocktail of relaxing and productivity....which means I will probably just nap and make lists. #compulsivelistmaker 

This morning I unloaded the bags from our basement cleanout at Goodwill.  The guy who helps unload the cars is starting to recognize my face.  I assured him there's plenty more and that I would be back.

While we're mostly focusing on the inside of the home this first year, we're still enjoying plenty of time outside on our deck.  The whole thing needs to be refinished, but in the meantime we're tying to make it a little more festive....or at least more comfortable on our eyes and tushes. 

At mid-day the sun is right above our patio table, so I jumped on Pottery Barn's outdoor sale (don't forget the EXTRA10 promo code for all outdoor sale items!) and ordered this umbrella...

 and a couple of these cushions.  
Also check out Cost Plus World Market's Outdoor sale (with extra 25% promo code!).  They have some yummy patterned cushions/pillows.

This cheerful serving set:

And these charming lights:

I think the 4th of July bug has bit, because I keep leaning towards red/blue/teal/white for our outdoor pops of color.  We also have a very long, narrow built in bench.  It's not a standard size for cushions and I'm not really up for making my own just yet.....any suggestions for how to make that spot a little more comfy?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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