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40 Bags In 40 Days: Basement Cleanout

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I don't think I've actually shown you pictures of our basement since our move-in house tour.  This is pretty much mancave central and has a distinctly masculine vibe compared to the rest of the house.  But it also has an extra bedroom and half bath for guests that I prefer not scream "Dude".

Look how nice and open when we first moved in...

All that wide open space quickly filled up with half unpacked moving boxes and other we-don't-know-what-to-do-with-it's. We set up a seating area around the TV that managed to stay mostly clear, but the rest of the room was a land mine of household goods.  Much like the rest of the house.

When I saw Ann Marie's 40 Bags In 40 Days Summer Edition I thought it would be the perfect jump start to getting the rest of the house unpacked, purged, and organized.  So, two weekends ago we attacked, starting with basement.  All boxes.  All bags.  All randomness.  And now, you can see the back of the couch again!

We cleared out 4 trash bags of stuff for Goodwill and another bag of trash.  We moved everything else to the room it will eventually live.

It felt GREAT!  And I rode that freedom train right into last week without really tackling much else.  I figured that was like 5 big bags, so at least 5 days worth of work...right??  But I'm sort of missing the point of addressing something (big or small) each day.  In fact, getting into the habit of purging and organizing one small area a day over the course of a month has a much bigger impact than going gung-ho for one week. So, back on track this week!

As for the basement...

 The lucky items allowed to stay are mostly decor items that will either be hung or displayed.

And this 4 Horsemen Poster...
I wanted to get something for the cave as a birthday gift for the Mister.  I found this listed as a "Four Horsemen Poster" online and promptly ordered it.  When it arrived, James looked at the box..."You got me a Fathead decal?"

Turns out it was indeed a Fathead that adhered right to the wall.  Not exactly the classy look I was going for.  I figure we can still frame it out and attempt to hide the fact that it's actually a giant sticker.

The other area of the room that I can't wait to get my hands on, is this bar area.  It's has great storage and a functioning sink.  We would love to set this up as an area to serve drinks when friends are over watching the game and as a little hospitality area with coffee, water, and treats whenever we have overnight guests.  
Eventually we want to add another bar/counter right were the carpet meets the hard flooring to create some extra seating and counter space.  But that's a "down the road" project.

Both of our parents are going to be visiting towards the end of summer and early fall, so we'll focus on getting this back wall set up and giving the guest room/bath a little spruce up.

Is anyone else jumping on the 40 Bags In 40 Days wagon?  What areas do you start with?  Is anyone else itching to get organized this summer or are you out on your deck sipping a margarita? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!
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