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The Entry That Failed

Deme Crinion3 Comments
And by failed I mean this:
Well, this is actually pretty good considering what it looks like around 3:30pm on a school day.  It's sort of the antithesis of "a place for everything and everything in it's place".   Which is why it's super high on our spring project list

That door straight ahead leads to the garage and it's how we come in/out 99% of the time.   Those little half doors to the right of the garage door are a full size closet.  Goldmine, right!?

Not when you use it like this.  Say hello to "not working"....

The original plan was to repurpose this 9-cubby shelving unit (that originally housed toys) for shoe/gear organization.  And it just hasn't worked.  During the winter our boots were always wet so we didn't want to set them on the shelves until they dried.  Which meant that our entry rug usually had at least 10 pairs of shoes on it at any given time.  And the shelves were empty or full of other randomness.
We have James' coats shoved to the right and my coats shoved to the left of the cubby system.  This part is working OK, but we could store more of our off season stuff in bins.

 And this.  I have no idea what half this stuff is, but the heart bag is from Valentine's Day. 

This weekend I took out the shelving (immediate improvement), and cleared out most of the randomness.

I'm tempted to go all out and make this a fun little spot in our entry, but right now I just need it to be functional. 

We'll add some pretty and some fun, but mostly we're going with hooks.  Lots and lots of hooks.  Hooks at adult level and hooks at kiddo level.  We already have a shoe cabinet from IKEA on the opposite wall that has made the shoe situation worlds better, but we could still use a spot for those wet shoes to dry.  

I'm also considering taking out the closet rod completely.  We would then have additional wall space on the sides guessed it, more hooks.   What do you think - keep the rod or ditch it?  How do you make the most of your closet space?

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