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Teacher Gifts & Tips For The Uncrafty And Cooking Impaired

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Every year I have plans.  Plans, I tell ya.   Plans to craft up something super cute for my kids teachers or make them a batch of our favorite chocolate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or our on-repeat-for-breakfast banana toffee scones....something to thank them for all the time and love they've put into our kids throughout the school year.  And every year, time gets away from me. 

I had that moment where I might have been able to super scramble, whip up something homemade and attempt to package it up in something that resembled cute.  But I would have been up till the wee hours and decided that store bought was going to be my friend this year.  Ain't nothing wrong with something super yummy from the store, and seriously, who doesn't like getting gift cards?

If you just don't have the crafty/cooking genes, don't want a lot of fuss, or simply ran out time, this one's for you...

Yup.  I went to Trader Joe's, bought my all time favorite coffee treats, paired them with a small gift card to Starbucks, and called it done. 

We still managed to make it personal with handmade thank you cards from the kids...

Once they finished their notes and drawings, we popped the gift cards inside and sealed them up.

I wrapped some bakers twine around the box and slipped the card right in.   I wanted to write my own personal thank you on the back of the cards but the boys would not have it.  I'll have to send my own or shoot them an email later.

I actually have an extra week for Mia's teacher gift, but I have a feeling we'll stick with something very similar. The boys were really excited to give their gifts to their teachers at park day this morning.

And a  few tips when you're frantically deciding what to do...

1.  Poll Facebook.   For those of you hanging out on social media, use that resource for ideas.  One year, I asked all my teacher friends to weigh-in on the best/worst teacher gifts they've received.  I think the expectation can differ from area to area but the overall theme was that it's just the thought that counts.  And they all love gift cards :)

2.  Ignore The Other Moms.  This can so easily turn into one of those "who does it better" things between classroom parents.  Who cares if you saw one mom bring in a jumbo sized gift bag packed to the brim.  Let her do her thing, and you do yours.  Appreciation gifts are not mandatory.  That would take away their significance.  So, let go of feeling like you have to do them a certain way or even at all. 

3.  Stick Within Your Budget.  I remember one year doing gift cards and I ended up making them for twice the amount I originally planned because I had a last minute gosh is this enough?  Is this amount just insulting compared to the other gifts or to all their hard work?? The more kids you have, the more teachers there are to thank, and those seemingly small amounts add up real fast.  I know other parents do more, but we did $10/card this year.  If your budget is zero - great!  A thoughtfully hand-written card can mean even more than that bag full of random goodies he/she may or may not use. A big ol' hug and a genuine thank you never hurt either.

4.  Special Doesn't Have To Cost More.  Think about what you've observed throughout the year.  Does your child's teacher always have Panera to-go cup in hand before class starts?  Maybe a gift card to his favorite morning stop is right for him.  Does she always wear a scarf with her outfit?  Maybe a summer scarf is up her alley.  Does she drink from a "I Heart Chocolate" mug everyday?  Maybe a batch of chocolate treats made by the kids or a small bag of dark chocolate candies would do the trick.  I think one small, thoughtful gift is much better than a bunch of impersonal stuff just for the sake of more.

5.  There Are No Rules.  The fact that you want to show your appreciation for the work your teachers do is reason enough to make whatever you do or say very meaningful to them.  Try to let go of any pressure you may be feeling to "get it right" and simply thank them in the way that feels most comfortable to you.

*How have you thanked your kid's teachers in the past?  How do you keep things from getting out of control and stay on budget?  If you're a teacher would you spill the beans on your favorite end-of-the-year gifts??

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!