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Fabric Strikes Again

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Stumbling onto a life-changing fabric (because there is such a thing) has been known to spark entire room makeovers of perfectly good-as-they-are-rooms around here.  Lucky for me, this house has nary a finished space, so finding a fabric that literally stopped me in my tracks doesn't really throw a huge wrench in any decorating plans. 

Mia and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies for a school project, and we meandered over to the fabrics.  I had never been into this paricular store location and was completely surprised at how many home dec fabrics were available. 

Then it happened.  I walked by and it sang to me.  I attempted not to look entirely creepy as I walked by caressing and ogling.  Then I had to walk back down the aisle to see it again.  And then a third time where I forced my daughter to play Vanna so I could get a picture.

The colors, the print, the happiness of it all.  It's playful but still sophisticated, colorful but not in yo face.  And now I'm completely rethinking the breakfast nook, family room and living room.  Sometime you find something that you didn't  even know was the missing link, and it all clicks together.   Between this and the little rug I just found....
it's safe to say that color inspiration for the house abounds!

The fabric has a pretty high price tag so I'm holding out for a sale/coupon combo.  In the meantime, it will haunt my dreams.  Who else has a Hob Lob with a fabric gold mine?

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