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A Simple Basket Swap & A Piano Wall Update

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Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  After being cooped up like rabid chickens (are there such things?) because of 3 days of straight rain, we were all so happy to finally get out of the house.  We didn't even mind the massive-sweat inducing endeavor that is mowing our lawn (all the hubs there) or the excessive amount of weeds that needed pulling. Because sunshine and fresh air are good.  Real good.

On Friday, I stopped by the ol' Tarjay and found a basket.  A basket that I have been eying for months.  It's by my beloved Natey B. and I've been waiting and waiting for it to go on sale. I checked my Cartwheel app before heading inside and the heavens sang when I saw a coupon for 25% off Nate Berkus decor items.  I headed straight for that end cap and saw a single basket left.  Not on sale (which was fine because the coupon didn't apply to clearance items), but I did notice that the blue detail was broken in more that one spot.

I shamelessly asked the cashier about it and she took an extra 10% off the 25%.  So, color me happy and color our kids' musical instruments even happier.

Because they used to reside in this basket.  The one that flops all the way down to the floor when empty.

Totally floptastic.  And awful come pick up time.

We needed something large, super sturdy and easy on the eyes would be nice.  This new, imperfect find was the perfect replacement. 
Clean up is easy and it's not one of those household items that can't handle a little wear and tear.  Character right?

As much as I believe in great storage and organized systems, sometimes we find that a great "dump basket" is the easiest way to keep toys accessible, organized, and easy to put away.

From flopfest, to tall and upright....
It's the little things.

As for the rest of this piano wall.....

We made some progress to this blank wall by adding the Martha Stewart Sunburst Mirror.   The frame is a gift from our wedding personalized with our names and dates of our wedding day...and it holds our engagement pic.  This will eventually go in our bedroom but it's helping me gauge what size frame(s) I want to use here (you know, once I unpack them). 

The vase was a Goodwill treasure ($2 bucks, Baby!) and is begging for some spring blooms.  I love colors and design. 

The white sculptural fellas flanking them are sconces I found at Habit ReStore back in Albuquerque.  
I was so happy they made it safely through the move.  I would love to turn them into lamp bases, but don't know if it's possible without damaging them.  I may take them to a lighting shop to ask their advice.  Otherwise, I'll just paint the base rim the same gold as the tops.

In going through these the pics the camera sure doesn't lie.  Our house is never really 100% clean...

And the mirror is proof of the laundry piled up on my couch.

Better get on that ;)

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!