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A Second Try At Spring Cleaning & What About That Office?

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Back in March, I finally came up with an easy, doable weekly cleaning schedule for myself.  I planned to double up my scrubbing on those tasks for a couple weeks to get in a thorough spring cleaning.  Ha!  It was nice in theory.

I will not curse spring in any sort of way, because being able to go outside to play after our arctic tundra is glorious. allergies have been knocked for a loop.  I feel like I've been in a fog for weeks.  I had horrible allergies growing up in central CA and while they aren't as bad here, those days of walking around in a haze are feeling more familiar again. 

While the kids have been playing outside I've been trying to work on the garage, but I'm moving in slo-mo out there.  I needed a break from the outdoor snail work and decided to unleash a can of worms, er..clothes.  It was time for a seasonal clothes swap and a mini-purge (or so I thought). 

I started by going through clothes on hangers and in my drawers.....but I kept finding random clothes shoved behind piles of jeans and rogue items in my less-than-organized drawers.  So, on a whim I decided to pull it aaaaalllll out.  Every single piece of clothing and a small child (can you spot him?)....
I just couldn't believe how much I had accumulated in such a short amount of time.  When I did my big purge going down to a minimal 30-piece seasonal wardrobe, I kept a few things that didn't necessarily meet my rules on fit/flatter, quality vs quantity, love not like, and being versatile 3-ways.  I couldn't afford to replace an entire wardrobe at once, so I planned to slowly replace those items one by one.  Which I have been.  Clearly, I've just been adding and not swapping out.  Yikes! 

I finally finished sorting this mess today (after 3 days) and am working on putting it all back in a way that makes the most use of our closet space.  It's a really hard space to photograph, but I'm working on a before/after organization post anyway.  You may just have to visually piece it together with your imagination, or I may need to blow out a wall for a full shot. Never say never.

In girly office news.....I know this room should have been done like months ago.  But we started rethinking some of our house set-up and thought we might need to reel in some of the functional decisions we made for the office (read: I may not have been able to selfishly take over the entire room like I thought).  I think we've worked that out by getting creative with the family/play room set up and I'm clear to go ahead and finish the office as planned.  So, no more slacker excuses!  It's a hot mess right now and I'm ready to have it cleaned up and D.O.N.E. 

Anyone else braved the depths of their closet since the warm weather has finally arrived?  How do you stay on top of the in/out of clothes?  Any allergy medications you swear by?

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