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A Birthday & A Rug

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I'm officially out of my "early 30's", with more than just a couple of rogue grey hairs to show for it.  Last month I turned 35 and the kids threw me a pretty sweet little partay.  They were supposed to do some secret baking with Dad while I was out on a run one day, but as soon as I stepped out the door, I was smacked around by gusts of sideways wind and torrential rain.

So, I camped out upstairs while they took care of their birthday baking.  I mean really.  Is there anything better than a homemade cake?  Especially when little hands are involved? 

A couple of days before this, Mia said down across from me with a notebook and pen in hand.  "Mom, I have a couple of questions for you.  What is your favorite flavor of cake?  And what is your favorite frosting?"  There were a few more inquiries, some focuses writing, and then she disappeared into her room for an intense party planning sesh. 

At my request, James grilled up some brauts for dinner and we had my favorite mashed white sweet potatoes. And then.  Cake....

As an early birthday night out, James and I went to a local comedy club and out for cheesecake with friends.  We saw Jim Breuer at The Funny Bone and he was fantastic!  I was so pleasantly surprised and laugh-cried my way through the entire show.  I have a post in the works on our favorite family-friendly stand up comics and he is high on our list. 

Also.  As a random birthday gift to myself, I nabbed this little beauty from a new online auction site I discovered called Everything But The House.

This 1/2 bath is pretty cramped and I needed a fairly small rug.  This came in a lot with 5 other rugs (1 runner, 3 small rugs, and 1 dining area rug)...that I won for 30 buckaroos! 
I love the colors and sort of wish I could blow it up in all different sizes to throw around the rest of the house.  And now of course, I want to paint over those light blue walls #itsasickness

The site is basically an online auction for those looking to sell specialty items or conduct an estate sale online. You can shop each sale individually or do a specific item search for all the sales.  Each sale is live for 7 days and my favorite part is that if a bunch of people are ready to throw down for an item, the time is extended at the end so no one can sneak in with the winning bid at the end of the sale.  The pictures on the site are great too.  It looks like they currently do sales in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky area with plans to expand.  Each sale also offers the option of having items shipped if you aren't local.  I originally found this through a craigslist ad, and no one is paying me to sing their praises.  Just passing on a fun new site that I thought you might enjoy. 

Anyone else have a favorite site for great used finds besides Craigslist and eBay? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!