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Our Spring Project List

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We've been in this new house about 5 months now.  On one hand I feel like we should still be roasting hatch green chile in Albuquerque, and on the other, I feel like we've been here much longer.   Maybe it's because 95% of those 5 months were spent holed up in 72 layers of clothing and blankets while the polar vortex whirled outside.  Maybe.

But spring has finally sprung - Hallelujah!  My mind wants to make lists.  Lists of lots of fun projects to do in and out of the house now that the weather is finally bearable.   But I'm also trying to remember one of the biggest

lessons learned from our old fixer of a house

:  Function first.  And timing.

I get freakishly excited thinking about all the things I want to do to make this home ours.  It takes a lot of discipline (which I seriously lack) to reel myself back in and you know, be a normal person.  If left to myself, I would probably be prancing around here with a paintbrush all day, while the kids had free reign of the house and things like meals, cleaning, and laundry were left for some other more responsible adult.

I neglected several functional areas of our last home while I was busy having fun with paint and fabrics.  It was an escape from other overwhelming things for me and it honestly made home life really stressful for the rest of my family.  I would also take on projects completely randomly, not always at the best time for us.

This time around, I'm really trying to find the right balance....not ignoring that creative hair that can't help but look at a room and image all it could be, but also being mindful of what will bring sanity and peace to our home.  So that creative part of me is a blessing to our family, not driving them all crazy. #guilty

The first few months in the house we tackled

some flooring


some paint

, but mostly we just lived in the house.  We payed attention to how we use each room, where we spend the most time, and what we do in each space.  I'm glad we waited, because in some ways we're using this home differently than I envisioned...

We spend more time than I thought we would in the living room and less time in the play room....

We knew the bedrooms were small, but they need a lot more organization and creative storage than I anticipated...

The entry is large but it's a disastrous drop zone right now (more lack of storage)...

The kids rarely play in the basement, and it's (surprisingly and happily) more of a mancave for James...

This house has better storage than I remember from house hunting, but we're not taking advantage of it....

The kids like playing in the front yard more than they do in the backyard (where the play set is).

We've lived here, we know what works, and we know what doesn't. At least for now.  So, as we cling to spring like a long lost friend, we're ready to jump into some projects that will improve the way we live and move in this house!  And that set us up for success this summer!   Here's our how our spring project list is shaping up....

1. My Office

In progress...

- FINISH IT ALREADY.  Since most of our home management happens here, I really need this space to be un-crazy. Inspiring would be helpful too. 

- Update our file system.  Get rid of old billing statements and create new folders for our currently billers/employers/doctors.

- Purge and organize my craft closet

- Update our

Home Management Binder

2.  Front Entry

We've changed the flooring, but it still looks like this most of the time...

- Paint

- Clean out the coat closet and add functional storage

- Add hooks for guests

- Address shoe storage

- Make it welcoming

3.  Garage

All those cupboards and shelves are empty right now.  SO much potential...

- Go through remaining moving boxes

- Clean out all built-in cupboards

- Purge and organize tools/project materials

- Get remaining toys and miscellaneous items stored in cupboards and off the ground

- Create a spot for yard work items

4. Mia's Room

It does not look like this right now.  Imagine clothes and toys. Everywhere.

- Purge!  This room seems to need a purge every couple months. #hoarder

- Organize closet and toys

- Finish doll house

- Finish sewing projects (window treatments, etc)

Creating an emergency supply station in the closet below the stairs is also a high priority.  I have a master list of "would love to" projects for the whole house, so taking it one season at a time seems to be a good approach for this first year, and maybe the long haul.  Anyone else tackling projects for spring?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!