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Office Update

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Oh you guys.  I should have know.  Never make an internet proclamation that you will be finished with a large project by such-and-such date.  As I did on Monday. 

In my over-optimism, I hoped to have my office wrapped up by today.  Most of my final projects involved paint and the forecast was not cooperating.  First rain, then wind, and then on Wednesday it was perfect. 

Fortunately, I had several pieces that were all getting a fresh coat of Rustoleum's Champagne Gold, so I lined them up and went to town.  That's my dissembled  IKEA Raskog cart that I use as my sewing station, a large white board, and the handles to my file cabinet.

I was also able to tone down my very violet paint for the ceiling.  The swatch on the right is still a little wet in this pic and I ended up lighting it a hair more from that by mixing the original Whipped Plum by Valspar with the same Grey Shimmer (also Valspar) that we used in the living/dining room. 

We're taking a quick road trip to South Bend for the Blue & Gold game this weekend.  So, my freshly painted pieces should be well dried and cured by the time we return...and that ceiling will be next.  Bring on the neck cramp! 

Slowly but surely we're almost there.   Have a great weekend!

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