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Desk vs. Nightstand

Deme Crinion5 Comments
That title makes it sound like a stand off, but I really hope it ends up being more of a happy marriage!  When we started working on my office update, a larger workspace was high on the priority list.  So, my old desk got the boot...
 (back at our first house...with my BABY!!)

Rather than donate or sell it right away, I tried to think of another area in the house it might be used.  I temporarily shoved it next door into our master bedroom and realized that it might be the answer to our wimpy nightstand dilemma.  I was originally going to troll craigslist for a larger set, but it turns out there was just enough room for my old desk to fit next to the bed. 

It wasn's planning on that arrangement, but the more I live with it the more I love it.  And these pretty desk-turned-nightstand setups have me excited for what we can do...

The desk doubles as a nightstand and workspace, but since I have an office space in the works I think I'm going to make this more of a prayer/study/quiet/no kids allowed corner.  It might be easier for me to get in some quiet time in the morning if all I have to do is roll out of bed and land on a chair.  

Since we'll need something with similar dimensions on James' side of the bed for balance, I'm thinking a dresser might be the answer.  Our closet has some built in drawers for clothes, but it might be nice to have an added piece of storage for extra linens, books and seasonal items.  Something similar to this...

What about you.....does anyone else use a non-nightstand as a nightstand?  How do you feel about mismatched nightstands?  Do they make your eyes do crazy things or are they perfectly imperfect?

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