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Not my  I've been making my bed every day for the past week!  I know.  Send me a medal or a congratulatory bouquet of roses.  Wait, make that tulips.

In the past I've touted the importance of creating a haven amidst the chaos in your home...and how your own bedroom shouldn't be bumped to the very bottom of your "make home" list...and then I promptly ignored all that great advice in our last home.  In fact, we had just started on our master bedroom when we got the news that our family was headed to Ohio. 

I told myself that I would not let our bedroom become a dumping ground this time around.  No, Siree.  Not one little random moving box. Nope.

Well...just be glad I didn't grab a before pic.  "Dumping ground" would be an understatement for our master bedroom.

Even though I'm in the midst of spring cleaning, this particular purge was not a planned out event.  In fact, I went into our room with the intent to clean the bathroom mirror.  Then something took over.  Maybe it was the boxes I had to dodge just to get in the bathroom or maybe it was the random white board propped against the even more random conglomeration of benches (4 to be exact).  But I couldn't take it any longer. 

I emptied the whole room of "extras", dusted, vacuumed, put things back together, and distributed all those extras to their rightful homes. I took me about 2 hours from start to finish, but it felt amazing....
We clearly have done about zero in the way of design or decorating in here, but there is just something so calming about a space that can breath...

And being able to walk to your bed or to the bathroom on a path that is wider than 12 inches...

My grandmother's settee also landed in here when I started working on my office (update on that this week - promise, promise!!).  And I like it. 
I still haven't decided on a fabric to reupholster it, but I think I'll wait until we have a better idea of what we want to do in here. 

It felt so good to have this space cleared out and clean that I've been motivated to make the bed everyday. I'm not a stickler for that type of thing, but in a house with a lot of undone, a made bed is serenity.

And even though this room is far from "done" or even a reflection of our personal tastes, it's my favorite room to be in right now.  Also.  I feel the need to immediately smooth out any wrinkles on the bed anytime a little person jumps sits on it.  I'm sure that OCD will pass, but for now I'm in "preserve the goodness as long as possible" mode. 

Are you a make your bed every day person or a why bother type?

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