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The Makings of a Girl's Workspace

Deme Crinion3 Comments
One nice perk of having our boys share a room, is that it frees up the fourth bedroom.  I admit, I felt a little selfish taking it over as my work/craft/sew/all-things-girly room.  But since James' has full reign of the basement, and the kids run the rest of the house, I'm going to let myself be OK with staking claim to all 10x10 sqft of extra bedroom space.

My list for this tiny room was very long....and a little far fetched, given that the number one priority was an enormous desk/workspace.  Was that really a good idea since the room was so small?

It would mean giving up a cozy reading corner for thumbing through the glossy pages of home magazines, getting all inspired with a hot cup of coffee and comfy blanket.  But I can do that from our couch or by locking myself in the closet with a flashlight. #momstuff

An adequate workspace that would let me keep all my stuff out and accessible (and not have to pack it all away after a project) was more important.  So, basically, my laziness won.

Here's my old desk.  I don't even know what to say.  Yes, those are my 3 year old's pajamas on top of my paper piles "in box"...

For the record, this is pretty clean.  But there was no spreading out to be had.  I could hardly have a notebook open and type at the same time.  Enter another perk to this new house - it's proximity to IKEA.

Their Linnmon series ended up being the perfect solution for us - versatile and affordable.  We played with a few different configurations, but the room is so small that any portion of the desk jutting out into the room would just swallow the space right up.  And we really needed to take advantage of the wall space next to the desk, so an L-shaped configuration against the wall won the day.

Here's my very rough sketch on paper....

I wanted three different zones within the might L: crafting/sewing, blogging/computer work, and home management. 

Some of these functions overlap a bit (I use the computer to pay bills and do our budget) so I wanted to create a seamless flow between those zones.  My inbox will divide the 2 areas, so I can grab whatever home management paperwork needs attention on the computer and then it will go right over to the file cabinet or binders.

I've also found that although I love beautiful vignettes, I prefer more clean, open space vs. an over-styled area when it comes to a productive work zone.  Just a few things to keep me inspired; otherwise, all the pretty-shiny are like "squirrels!" running around my office attempting to distract me.

So, we had a plan and we had a desk, but we needed the right backdrop.  I wanted fresh and I wanted a place for color to pop, so I couldn't resist going with white walls.  I personally think white walls work best with some sort of architectural details (like moldings).  I loved the way it looked in our last master bedroom and since we already had some wall details going on it was a done deal.

Of course, no project is ever that easy.  I wanted to beef up the dinky trim on top of the bead board and once we took it off we found a pretty bad installation job....lots of loose panels, really uneven cuts, sloppy caulking, yada, yada.

We're almost through the fixing/patching/painting of it all and then we can finally move onto the fun stuff!

That's what's happening around here for the next couple days!  I can't wait to see it come together!  Because in my head it's sort of great, and it will also mean we are DONE. :)

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!