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Staying Organized On Moving Day & Free Printable Packing Labels

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This post is about 3 months overdue!  In October we did a 31 day series on moving. where we shared about moving prep ideas, getting your house for the market, tips for planning a house hunting trip, keeping a house staged during the sale process without going insane, some of the projects we did to get the house sale ready, and lots of printables for a moving binder to keep you organized and non-crazy.  As much as possible anyway.

But we wrapped up the series before we actually moved.   So, I'm going to tack this moving day post onto the others, making it a rogue 32 post series.  And after using the printables for our own move, we also made some tweaks to a few of the downloads and moving labels.  Hopefully, they'll be a little more user friendly now! (Download links are at the bottom of this post).


Quick recap: we decided to cut costs by doing the packing ourselves and just had the movers load and unload.   Which secretly made me happy because I wanted to use my own labels and inventory system (which I shared here).  Not because I'm OCD or have control issues or anything...

Leading up to moving day, Mia spotted me with stickers.  Bright, colorful stickers.  And she needed to be involved with whatever I was doing with them. 

I was making a color-coded moving key, a project she promptly took over.  
Turns out it looked much more sweet with 5 yr old handwriting and was much more thought out too....."Of course the boxes for my room should have a pink sticker because that's my favorite color.  But should it be bright pink or light pink?  Bright is more cheerful, so that will be for my room."  The girl is thorough.

Each room was assigned a color and a corresponding sticker or piece of tape was placed in the lower right hand corner of each packing label. I drew theses up in photoshop for our move and they work with the Avery White Shipping Labels 3-1/3" x 4" (6 to a page).  Much easier than our old version that you had to cut out by hand.

(Download a sheet here)
As I packed each box, I would assign it a number, write down the contents, and mark which floor and room it would be heading to on the receiving side.

I did this on the packing label and on the box inventory sheet.

It was very easy to pack a few boxes one day, then pick up right where we left off the next.

This was my set up on moving day...
Although we packed, we had to leave the boxes open for the movers to do a quick check before sealing them up.  So having extra labels, all our inventory sheets, and some extra supplies on hand helped us stay mostly organized right up to the end. 

Something else I wish I knew  - the movers mentioned that we didn't pack some of the boxes full enough.  They like them packed a little above the top edge with soft things like towels, clothes, pillows at the very top to squish down.  Everything nice a snug.  Which means we basically unpacked a box of clothes and ran around filling the other boxes with them at the last minute.

If you use a moving company, they will have their own inventory sheet and give you a final copy.  You can pop this in your moving binder and have both ready when your shipment arrives.   I also did my best to clean behind the movers as they went, but loading a moving truck is like a game of Tetris.  They don't load all the boxes from one room at a time, they look for boxes or furniture from all over the house that's the right size, shape and weight as they go, to pack the truck as securely as possible.  But do try to leave your vacuum and a "pack last, open first" box of basic cleaning and household supplies (think TP and a shower curtain) for last, so that they'll be the first things off the truck on the other end.


About an hour before the moving truck arrived at the new place with our stuff,  I went into all the rooms and taped up signs I had made and printed before we left New Mexico.  I typed the name of each room as it would appear on the packing label in the same color font as the sticker on the label.  

So, all the labels for Bedroom #2 would have a hot pink sticker, hence the hot pink sign text. I did my best to put these in the easiest place to spot them from the hallway.

Since we were also moving into a split-level home with three different levels, I made a key for which boxes  were going to which floor.  I used the corresponding sticker color font here too.
We taped these up at each entrance to the house the movers might come through, and on the wall by the stairs.  When someone came in with a box with a blue sticker labeled "Bedroom #1" they could take a quick look at the sheet as they entered the house and know they were heading upstairs.  Then they would have the signs like the bedroom photo above for further guidance.

It's been three months and our move still feels like some fuzzy memory that may or may not have actually happened.  Things just went so fast, but having these printables and a moving binder to help organize the sale of one house, the purchase of another and all the moving parts in between truly was a life saver.  I hope they can be a help to you too!  Download away!

Updated Packing label sheets | Updated Contact List | Full Moving Binder Packet (ombre) | Full Moving Binder Packet (color block) |

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