House For Six


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Happy Monday, All!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Saturday was cold and rainy...but Sunday?  Sunday was glooooriuuss!  Did you sing that?  Because it feels better if you do.

We were finally able to go outside, enjoy some fresh air, and wait for it.....we actually saw BUDS on the tree branches!  The kids were going nuts...

"I'm a bud!!" (quoth the Sully)

Jack was quietly obsessed with pulling them off...
I think we need a nature/gentle/don't kill plants lesson.
I sometimes forget that we moved here right after all the leaves fell from the trees, and that our kids have never seen our very green surroundings,  It's been all barren and brown up till now.  But I'm so hopeful that spring might actually be here to stay.

After my Target induced come to Jesus moment about my heart's unquenchable need for more, I've been looking at our home with fresh eyes.  And with large trash bags in hand.  Since we are embracing that spring has sprung, we did our seasonal clothes swap for the kids and cleared out the ridiculously overflowing entry of heavy coats and snow boots.  On top of the three bags of clothes to donate or ship off to cousins, we filled 3 more bags with excess linens, unused home decor items and toys the kids have outgrown or were missing parts from the move.  It felt so good to trim the fat and I'm motivated to keep going.

I finally made some real progress in my office over the weekend too - sifted through a ton of paper piles and managed to squeeze in a couple of fun projects.  Fingers crossed I can wrap this baby up with a big pretty bow by the end of the week!

How was your weekend?  Has anyone else gone into spring cleaning/purge mode?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!