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Office Update-ish

Deme CrinionComment
I was hoping to show you an office update/sneak peak/reveal of some sort today, but James got hit with a bad cold and I feel like I'm fighting something too.  We're hoping a good night's sleep and a free weekend will help us get back on track with #projectgirlyoffice 

We have paint, we have fabric, we have an assembled desk, we have a bunch of little projects in the works....we just need to put it all together.

I love that the floral box from my inspiration piece had some soft purple hues in it.....purple was my favorite color growing up and I've never really used it in our home before.  I think it might end up making an appearance in a few different rooms this time around, and why not start with uber girly office land. 

I grammed this pic at Lowe's when I snatched up the last few supplies for the office.....
Any guesses on where the lavender's going?  Hopefully, after a little project weekend here I'll be able to show ya on Monday ;)

Happy Weekend!

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