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Musical Furniture In The Girl's Room

Deme CrinionComment
I've mentioned before that our new place has small bedrooms.  It's not just that they're small, but the placement of windows, closets, floor vents, etc.  makes space planning and furniture layout a big pain in the... headache.

I've been in purge mode lately and the kids rooms are always prime for the picking.  Especially our Little Miss'.  I feel like her room was the most organized in our last place, but she's a creative.  Each day it seems she's writing a note card, drawing a picture, or creating invitations for a party she wants to host.  And all those sweet creations take over every. inch. of. her. room.

We originally set up her bed against the largest wall.... 
I have a special project for her bed (that of course, I haven't started yet) and that wall made the most sense.  But the bed jutted out into the middle of the room, cutting it in half.  It didn't leave a lot of space for playing. 

So, we did a little shifting.  Then shifted some more.  Even though it's not the greatest set up, I think we finally landed on a layout that makes the most of the space and will still let us have some decorating fun.  Here you can see a sneak peak of it, along with what happens when I run downstairs for a few supplies (the radio was off when I left)....

I think I owe it to this sweet girl to finally do something will all that fabric I bought months ago.... 

 That's next on the project list.....after I FINISH THE OFFICE.  I'm such a terrible closer. 

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