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DIY: Scarf Turned Art

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I've stepped away from the computer a bit this week because my Mama is in town!  Which actually means that a lot is happening around here. After all, those organizing/projecting/DIY genes came from somewhere, right?!  In just one day we knocked three things off my list that I've been meaning to do forever.

This one was my favorite.  Such a simple "big bang for your buck" project.  And the best part was I already had all the supplies I needed right here at home.

I picked up this scarf at Target a couple weeks ago.  I was looking for color inspiration for the living/dining area that would work with our freshly painted navy accent wall.  I knew I wanted to bring in some more saturated colors and jewel tones (which James prefers over softer colors) and when I saw this there may or may not have been a crazy lady doing an embarrassing victory dance in the women's accessory section.  

I brought it home not knowing exactly how I would use it.  Maybe cover a pillow?  Tie it as a scarf around a moose head?  But then I remember these frames.  They were originally a set of four that displayed a Dr. Seuss quote in our breakfast nook. But two frames were damaged in the move, leaving me with just two intact. Perfect for a little art grouping.

The scarf was pretty sheer and needed something under it to hide the dark frame insert/backing.  I have a large white table cloth that I have cut pieces from for various projects in the past, and had plenty material left for these frames.  Sorry for the iphone pics here...
We just took the backing out of the frame, laid it on the white table cloth and cut around leaving about 2 inches of excess on all sides.

We hot glued the fabric to the backing and then trimmed off the extra fabric.  Then we laid the scarf over the frame until I had the right position/colors and did the same - a rough cut using the frame as a guide and leaving 1-2 inches of extra on all sides.

Then we placed the frame face down on the table (after I had cleaned it!), set the scarf on the inside on top of the glass, and placed the white covered backing over it.

I gently pulled the scarf fabric taught and secured the tabs into the frames.  

Easy peasy!

There was a perfect spot on the wall for them in the living room.  They immediately helped the two rooms feel more cohesive and warmed the place up.  In fact, I sort of like the drapes again now that we have some more color happening on those grey walls.
Scarf turned art

Scarf turned art

Scarf turned art

We've been working on a few more projects in these rooms, and my mom is also helping me finish up my office space - eek!!  So, we'll have plenty of house updates coming next week.

But first let's chat art.....what everyday items have you used to decorate your space?  Where do you find your color inspiration for a room?

Happy weekend, Friends! 

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