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Coffee Break: Pizza, Zombies, & Pretty Closets

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Oh, you guys.....TGIF!!!  That used to mean a night of Full House and Family Matters, but now it means relax have a glass of don't have to be dressed or have anyone anywhere by a certain time tomorrow morning

So, let's chat...

For a few years now, Fridays have been pizza/movie night in our house (which happens to work swimmingly for those no-meat-on-fridays-during-lent families).  We found a great pizza place here that we really love.  James usually picks up a couple on his way home from work, but I've always thought about making our own.  The Nester shared her homemade pizza today and that may have done it for me...

We also have a bread machine.....anyone been successful with yummy pizza dough from the machine?

Emergency Preparedness
For the past 6 years we've lived in the desert.  The biggest natural disaster/emergency/zombie apocalypse threat was lack of water and fires.  We did water ration, but I wasn't very good about keeping extra water on hand....somehow every time I picked up an extra flat of water bottles, we ended up tearing into it to grab "just one bottle" as we were heading out the door.  I had a few emergency supplies scattered throughout the house, but never a comprehensive stash in one organized spot.

Now we're in the midwest, and after the polar vortex that was this winter and things like tornadoes and hail storms not totally unlikely, creating an emergency station in our home has been on my radar.  I think it's important for each family to have regardless of where you live.....would you all be interested in a series on this topic??

Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons did an amazing series on it here.  I'm going to revisit that post and start gathering some ideas for how an emergency station might look for our home.

Closet Goodness
OH. MY.  Two closet makeovers blew me away this week.  Both totally different.  

Kelly turned her sad closet into an uber feminine, don't even bother if it's not sparkly HAVEN.  I'm still drooling...

Then, then, THEN....the same day, The Handmade Home revealed their family closet.  Holy moly organized goodness!

I feel the need to go make something pretty and organized....oh wait, hello poor neglected office project.  I'm finally returning to you.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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