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Two Year Blogiversary!

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Happy Monday!  It's a really good one for us - we're a toddler!  We're gonna take it back old school for a second.....

Two years ago today I published my first post on a blog called Fresh Coat Of Paint.  At the time we had a separate blog for our family (Crinion Clan) and Fresh Coat Of Paint was about our DIY attempts at taming our heavily wallpapered 70's home into shape.

Last summer I made the choice to combine the two blogs into one, with a new name and new address.  Our breakfast nook had just had a few huge features thanks to IHeart Organizing, Remodelaholic, Apartment Therapy & Young House Love.
 ombre striped breakfast nook
Then, This Old House Magazine spotted a feature, and our nook, in all her ombre striped glory, appeared in their glossy pages a few months later.  I. KNOW.  Pinch me, right?!?!

It was all so surreal.  And then I changed the blog name and the url.  WHY??  

You can read all the details on why we made the switch here, but in short, I wasn't able to keep up with writing both and I wanted to bring more of our family life into the house blog.  I also wanted to move to a .com web address and it turns out that "Fresh Coat of Paint" happens to be a popular name choice among painting businesses.  Rookie blogger mistake numero uno.

I knew having a blog name that matched it's blog address was good for the long term....but it would mean changing the blog name. The timing sucked after receiving so much amazing recognition (would all those new followers move along with us?  They hardly know us.)  But waiting would only make it worse. 

So, we pulled the trigger.  Fresh Coat of Paint and Crinion Clan got married and had a new blog baby called House For Five.  The truth is that not everyone moved along with us. We were fairly new and we lost some followers. It happens, but it really did feel like we were starting over from scratch.  It was humbling...but it was good.

It allowed me the chance to develop my blog voice (which I'm still working on) but if you read my old house blog and then hopped over to the family blog, it probably sounded like two different people.

This feels much better.  It feels more authentic, which is something that I hope is better for you too!

And, I just feel so grateful.  We're in a new home and a new state.  It's a brand new chapter and a brand new, old house just waiting for some DIY love!  And none of that would mean anything to this blog if I didn't have you to share it with.

The fact that you take even a moment from your day to check in with us just blows my mind!  Your comments and feedback are what make this more than just a hobby, but a dream. For those of you that did make the switch with us last year....THANK YOU.  It meant so much that you wanted to keep watching us stumble through home improvement and life with 3 kids under 4 years old.  And to all of our new friends...we are just as thankful to have you with us too!  You guys are truly the best readers a gal could ask for!

Last year on our blogiversary I chatted about Lessons Learned from the 1st year blogging.  This year we would really love to hear from you!  We're so excited about the year ahead but we want your feedback.  We want to be worth the click over here each day, or week, or even when that random Google search lands you here.

So, can we pick your brain a bit?  I promise it's super short and super easy.  It's also super anonymous, so feel free to let it all out.  I'm the only one that will see it and I won't know who you are...but I'll crunch and spill some numbers once the survey is closed.  Thanks so much!

We'll be sharing some more plans for the blog/house later this week and show you the walls we finally painted in our living room.  Sneak peak over on Instagram ;)

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Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!