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Reader Spot: A New Big Boy Room For A New Big Brother

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Today, I'm so happy to introduce you to Kristen from The Windle Family blog.  She's a wife and mom to two adorable boys.  When she shared her son's big boy room makeover, I knew you would love it just as much as I do.  It's full of personal touches, thoughtful moments, and lots of straight up cuteness!  

Here's Kristen with the details on Everett's big boy room....

What was the space like before you began?
This space was our guest room. We painted a number of rooms when we moved in, but this wasn't one of them. Everything was cream--- the trim, the ceiling, and 3 of the walls and one maroon accent wall. The paint made the room kind of dark and dreary. 

What were some of the things that inspired the colors or other design choices for the project?
We knew we wanted to brighten up the space, so I was looking for something light. I just started pinning rooms that I liked and most ended up a light gray, so we went with it. I also love navy and decided to make gray and navy the main colors with an occasional pop of red, like his little hemnes dresser from Ikea. 

I also knew I didn't want anything too theme-y, but wanted to include things that Everett loves... and Everett loves dogs. We've got 2 rescue dogs and both sets of grandparents have dogs too. Dogs are his favorite animal, so it only made sense. I started brainstorming ways I could include dogs without making it too cheesy and just went from there. 

What were any problem areas and how did you address them?
I wouldn't really say we had any major problem areas. We were basically starting with a blank slate design wise, so I was able to just go for things I wanted to. The darkness of the room was easily fixed with white paint for the trim and ceiling. 

How did you get your resourceful/thrifty/think outside the box/DIY on?
 I made quite a few things to make the room fit my vision. I got plenty of inspiration from pinterest (this is my board that I dedicated to his room--- if I was more tech savvy I would've made a mood board ha!) and then put my own twist on them. 

I had seen the Emerson quote before and it's something I really want my kids to exemplify. They are 3 character traits that I think are really important for little boys and people in general to have! 
I ended up just using a random piece of wood, some yard sale letters, leftover paint and wood stain from the dog sign. 

The initials above the bed were just craft letters from Michaels that I spray painted and hung with 3M tape. 

I ordered the wool balls and just strung them up to add a little color to the reading corner. 

The biggest DIY project was definitely the dog sign. I had seen a dog sign for sale at Pottery Barn that I liked.  I knew that the sign would be the only major thing on that wall, so I wanted it to be pretty large. We went to Lowes and ended up getting enough to make the sign 4ft by 2 ft. Aaron put the sign together by just lining up the wood planks and securing them with 2 1 by 2's screwed onto the back. 

This happened in August of 2012 and a few weeks later I gave birth to our second son, Graham. Enter DIY hiatus. I didn't pick back up with the sign until June. I googled searched dog silhouettes and found one that looked almost exactly like our dog Marley. 

My friend Jill helped me get the scale right, which was the hardest part of making the sign. She drew the silhouette in chalk and I took it home, painted, stained and hung it. It was by far the hardest project and by far has my favorite results! 

How did you make this space work to fit your needs?
We wanted to make Everett's room fun, comfortable, and special, especially because he was kicked out of his original room to make room for his little brother. It's the perfect space for him to read, sleep and occasionally jump on his bed :) 

What makes the space special and unique to your family?
I looked everywhere for a bed and then ended up painting my childhood bed instead. I love that Everett's sleeping in a bed that me and my sisters and my dad and his siblings slept in too. The other awesome element is the chevron quilt. It was made by my mom for Everett's birthday last year. I love that she embroidered the date and her name on it. There are two things with sentimental value and I love that he has them in his room!

It took me forever (a little over a year!), but I love the way it finally turned out. I love the mix of diy, old and passed down from family, and new from Ikea, Etsy, and Homegoods (among others). The best part is that Everett loves his big boy room. When I asked him his favorite part he said the dog sign. :)


I think Everett is one lucky little man!  And I can see how the dog sign is his favorite thing in the room! So many great projects, special items, and lots of love when into this sweet big brother's room.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Kristen!  You can find all the details on the room in this post here, and be sure to hop over to Kristen's blog to see more of her home and family!   

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