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New Plans For The Boys Room: Stack Em' Up

Deme Crinion4 Comments
When we last left our boys room, the purple walls were no more.  But the mattresses were on the ground.  The walls were bare.  The surfaces were sparse.  And... looks exactly the same this very second.  Well that's not true.  Currently, the beds are not made and there's a mess of clothes and toys covering the floor. 

The bed frames (2 wooden slats that connect the head and foot boards) were lost in the move.  We planned to replace them with a metal frame and just leave off the foot boards since the room is so small.  

But guys, the room is REALLY small. That open space between the beds is pretty much the only walking space in the room aside from maybe 2 feet at the end of their beds. 

No matter. Work with what you've got, right?  I was planning a fun treatment for the wall behind their beds and scheming for a rugby inspired room. 

Then a couple weeks ago, I saw Michelle's boys' room makeover.  It was over.

Her boys also share a small bedroom and the before picture of their space is eerily similar to our boys' room. It's amazing how much space they gained by stacking the beds.  And seriously.  How awesome are these?

James had suggested bunk beds when we first moved in, but I had this vision of Jack decked out in his superman cape flying off the top bunk for a heroic rescue.  It didn't end well.

Maybe when they're older.

And now I'm eating my words.  Sully turns 5 this year and would be on the top bunk.  I know that with enough severe threats, he has the self control to stay up there.  As for Jack...well, there's no guarantees with that one.   We'll just consider it a good opportunity for him to learn to follow some rules....Pshhaa!

So, here's how the room makeover wheels are a turnin'....

I love the built-in look of Michelle's beds, but constructing that kind of piece is way beyond us right now. We don't have the time, workspace/tools, or skills for that type of project.   But I think we can create a similar look by tricking out a pre-made free standing piece.  With the right paint and some minor construction, I think we can give the boys a pretty awesome bed that feels like a custom piece....and free up some real estate for more important things.  Like sword fights and perfecting ninja moves.

My favorite part of Michelle's beds are hands down, the curtains and lights.  I love that the boys can have some privacy or read without waking up the other.  Such a cozy little nook for each of them. 

Although, lately Sully has this thing about sneaking stuff into bed.  I can always tell because I find him all tucked in, arms under the covers being, you know, still.   If I ask what he's hiding, I just get "Noooothing" followed by giggles.  When that happens, I know there's either a play sword, family of action figures, or random snacks hiding under those covers.  I can only guess at what we might find stashed in a boy-cave like this.   But isn't that part of the fun?

We already have a few things to help with the design.  Over the holidays, we ordered two striped duvets on clearance from Pottery Barn Teen, similar to these
I've seen similar styles for less at Target and

We also have a couple of these Ikea sconces from a project that never happened in our last house:

We'll be using the other furniture that's currently in the room, and some of the red accessories from their last room will get a fresh coat of paint to fit the new design.

So please help a Mama out!  Have you done bunk beds with your kids?  How long do they realistically work for boys?  Do you recommend any brand or material over the other for standing the test of time? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!