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New Mexican Chile Verde (Without the Hatch Chiles)

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You know what we're


going to discuss today?  The Superbowl.  It's all been said.  Let's just put it behind us, mourn the fail of a competitive game, and move onto the food.  Sound good? OK.

James loves to cook.  It's theraputic for him.  However, he loves to find these labor intensive recipes that require chopping, blending, and 17 other steps making for hours spent in the kitchen.  And a lot of dishes.  I, on the other hand, am all about quick and easy.  It's my lazy gene. 

So, when he suggested we go with New Mexican food for the Superbowl to fill our unquenched craving of the past few months, I was all for it.  But of course, he wanted to make chile verde.  From scratch. 

Here's the thing about chile verde.  It's a staple of New Mexican food, like gravy is to a Thanksgiving meal.  It's base however is hatch green chile, which aren't exactly a plenty here in Ohio.  Hhhmm.  A little internet surfing landed on this recipe for making a very close to authentic chile verde using poblano peppers in place of the hatch chiles. 

It fell into James' token 4 hour recipe, but the majority of that was for the pork to slow cook in that amazing chile sauce.  Well, twist my arm...

(find the original recipe



And you was. SO. GOOD.  We had to make a couple of tweaks since we didn't have access to all the ingredients....

-We subbed the cubanelle peppers with anaheim peppers since they were the "sweet" in this verde party. 

-We had to use the broiler method to char the peppers since the grill was not an option. 

-We also didn't run the peppers under water when we peeled them to preserve those tasty oils. 

-A commenter's tip to salt after the chicken stock is added to account for the salt in the broth was a gem.

It was about an hour of some involved prep, followed by a couple hours slow cooking in the oven.  At which point our house smelled amazing and we knew it was going to be good. 

The pork was so tender and the chile so flavorful.  James guzzled his straight in a bowl topped with a few chopped jalapenos for extra heat and I took mine on top of some steamed rice (Perfect Health Diet Friendly, yo!).  You can serve it with chips, tortillas, or even have it with your morning eggs.  It also happens to be a paleo friendly meal for our paleo/perfect health diet pals out there.  Comfort food at it's tasty and healthy best!

Just a note: the heat index was not bad, but a little too high for the kids, perfect for me, and too low for my hotter-till-snot-runs-out-of-my-nose husband.  For a more family friendly version, you can remove the seeds and flesh part of the jalapenos.

What did you serve up for the game?  Did you watch it until the sad, bitter end?  Next year...

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