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DIY: Gift Wrap To Wall Art

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Sometime those little projects that cost next to nothing are the ones I love the most.  No.  Always those little projects that cost next to nothing are the ones I love the most. 

Especially when I'm in a slump.  When I can't seem to make any progress on unfinished projects, having a little craft time can usually get the wheels turning again.   Toddlers need craft time and clearly this Mama needed it too. 

$3.50 and 10 minutes yesterday afternoon and we had us a new piece of art for the girl's room....

I picked up three of these gift bags from a Valentine's clearance rack at Target a few days ago.  Because cuteness.  I thought I might use one for a gift but they were just too shiny and girly to just be bags. 

I've been working on hunting and gathering pieces for a gallery wall in Mia's room (none of which are actually on the wall yet), and I couldn't resist the chance to add some gold and hearts to the mix. 

I used said shiny and girly gift bag ($1.49), a pretty piece of wrapping paper I had on hand, and one NYTTJA frame from Ikea ($1.99).

My bag was slightly larger than the frame, so I started by taking out the paper that fit frame opening and lined it up over the portion I wanted visible. 

I traced around the edge of the paper...

...and cut out just that one side of the bag.

I lined up my piece of wrapping paper behind the heart, and when I was happy with the placement I just used a little scotch tape to attach it to the back.

Then I popped her in the frame and called it done and sweet!

Up to this point the only thing on Mia's wall was the puppet she made of herself in kindergarten.  I adore it and thought I would try out the new piece of art next to her.   

These frames are really light, so a small nail was more than adequate to hang it.

And now we just need to fill up the rest of the wall!  

And the rest of the room.  Plenty of projects are in the works here.  My first date is with a ton of fabric and my sewing machine. Do you remember this insta-peak:

Meet my "get on that already" project.  Do you have one too?  What about those rolls of wrapping paper -  what else have you done with wrapping paper besides prettying up some gifts?

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