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Decorating For Opposite Tastes Series

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I am so excited to kick off a new series this week!  Welcome to...

Valentine's Day is this Friday, so what better time to chat about the ways you and your love bird are totally out of sync with the design of your home.  That's romantic, right?

I would say that it's pretty rare when two people completely agree on how their home should look and feel.  Some of us throw down disagree to the point that it leaves us at a standstill.  No decisions.  No direction.  Just a house neither person particularly loves, and no direction for how to change things going forward.

For others, maybe there's one person who drives all the decorating choices because the other one "doesn't care"....or do they?

Some of us are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to design...she loves shabby chic, he loves minimalist modern.  And others of us have no idea what we even like.

I'm here to tell you that deep down you really do know what you like.  And if that happens to be totally different from what your other half likes, you can still create a home that both of you love. 

Why does it matter anyway?  
Because home should be a reflection of who lives there.  And not just one person of the family....all of them.  Coming home to a place that speaks your language, feels like a sigh of relief when you walk in the door.  And we should all be able to feel that way when we come home!

So, we're dedicating this week to how we can make progress in bringing two opposite styles together, and create a style that's unique to your combined tastes.  If your style is still a mystery to one or both of you, we'll give you some great tools to help you figure that out too! 

I'll mostly be speaking from a spouse perspective since a lot of the examples are coming from my own experience with the Mr., but this absolutely applies to roomies, family members...basically, anyone who shares your home and has a say in what happens there.

Let's start with some ground rules for this week...

-Be kind.  To yourself and to whomever you shares your home. This can be a touchy subject, but the end goal really is a home design peace treaty.
-Be honest.  If there is something you secretly makes you twitch when you walk by it...we're dealing with it.  Not speaking up about things you don't like can actually make you loath them even more.

-Be hopeful.  Even though it may seem more likely that your children will come home and spontaneously start deep cleaning the house than finding a style that suits you is possible.  You can have a home where both of you are represented and happy.

What authority do I have to speak on such a subject?  
None.  Other than the fact, that James and I have VERY different opinions on decorating our home, and after almost 8 years of marriage we are finally starting to find our groove.  Not to be confused with groovy of the 60's & 70's.  That would definitely not be our style.

Our home story...
We were married back in 2006 and we both lived on our own before getting married.  So, we combined two sets of households that could not be more different.  His included a lot of taxidermy, an enormous TV and odes to his Fighting Irish alma mater.  I brought a house full of colorful linens, floral pillows, and scrolling candle holders.

Even though I don't think we had really defined our decorating style back then, we sure did have opinions on what we wanted.

When it came time to buy our first house together, this would have been my husband's dream:


I, however, wanted a cottage. Preferably on the beach:

White couches...lots of cozy pillows and throws...light and airy...happy pops of color.  

Fortunately for us, Las Vegas, Nevada didn't offer either of those options.  Instead we ended up with a cookie cutter new build that was a complete blank slate.  We painted a few walls, but jobs moved us to New Mexico shortly later, where we lived in many a rental and then finally bought again.  It was that home which started this blog.  You can see that house under our home tour tab here.  

As you can probably guess from the if-we-lived-alone-dream-houses above, attempting to blend our two styles was.....a process.  

Let's talk about James first.  James has man-taste.  I realize that sounds very stereotypical, but that's because he tends to lean towards, stereotypes.  Such as... 

....bigger is always better.

....wood is never ever to be painted.  ever.

....bulky enormous leather thing we sometimes call a couch (or maybe it's a recliner) is a staple for every living room.

And I probably fall into some pretty stereotypical categories for decorating myself....

...white, white, more white

...pretty, bright, shiney

...what do you mean what does it do?  It's decorative.

While our personal tastes have evolved over the years, we're still far from the same sheet of music.  Our different styles even reflect in how we dress.  The pic below is from this past Christmas.  He's all suit & tie and classic Christmas.  I'm all leopard shift dress and black booties with a little edge.

But even a traditional guy like James and a girl who likes to mix things up with a modern twist can get along.  Heck, they can even create something pretty amazing.  At least to them and those are the only two opinions that really matter. 

Our master bedroom... 

We didn't finish this room before we had to move, but it's where we finally started to get it right.  The more traditional elements like the bead board wall treatment and the antique buffet are a nod to James' tastes, and the white bedding, pops of color and modern curtains all sing to me.  Together they create a room that you can't really call one particular style.  It's just "us".

And that's what I hope to help you create too!  It won't look like this.  And it won't be something you can copy from someplace else, but it will be amazing to you. 

So, come back tomorrow and we'll jump right in!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!