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Coffee Break: Reader Feedback, No-reply Commentors, and My Scandelous 3-yr Old

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Reader Feedback Survey
Thanks so much to all of you that have already taken our two-year Blogiversary survey!  I SO appreciate hearing from you.  Your responses have been really enlightening and if you missed that post earlier in the week, you can hop over here to take the survey.  Takes less than a minute.  Pinky swear.  The survey will stay open through the weekend and then I'll be spilling those factoids next week!

Are you a noreply-comment reader?
You know how sometimes you leave a comment or question on a blog post and then have to keep going back to that comment thread to see if the blogger has responded?  No fun.  It's awesome when I'm able to respond to your comments and questions on posts directly via email, but a lot of times I go to respond and get this: .

Which means my response will not actually be emailed to ryantaylor.  And he will have to keep up the annoying check back to the post game to see if I responded to his comment yet.

Grace walked us through this super easy how-to awhile back.  Check it.  For the longest time I had no idea that my email address was not linked to my blogger name.  So, it's worth checking out if you have a blogger account and would like bloggers to be able to respond to your heartfelt comments and questions directly.

Finally, this gem of indecency....
The boys preschool hosted a "Dad's Night" one evening where the kids could show the Dads their classroom and have some fun playing games in the gym.  James filled me in on the event when he returned....

Sully (age 4) tagged along for the visit to Jack's (age 3) class first, and then they headed over to Sully's class, which happens to be all boys.  I know.  His teacher is a saint.

One of the boys jumped to ground and said, "Hey - I can do some push ups!".  Sully followed suit and dropped to the floor with "I can do sit ups!".  Not to be left out, Jack runs over and says "I can esercise too!".  Where he then proceeded to twerk in front of his captive audience, shouting "Shake my bootay!!".

Which I envision going something like this. 

Raver for life.  James just looked at the other father's who were clearly impressed/horrified and shrugged his shoulders. We obviously know which offspring we'll be reserving the bail fund for....prayers currently being accepted.

*If you are not familiar with twerking (or Miley Cyrus) you can find helpful videos on YouTube that will walk you through the tricksy dance move step-by-step.  Mom, please do not Google this term under any circumstances.

Have a great weekend!

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