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Coffee Break: Office Inspiration & When Target Taunts You With Spring

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Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but this was one of those weeks where my to-do list was a mile long, I felt incredibly busy...but I can't really tell you what I actually did.  There was that time I finally snuck out on my own to make a return and run a few errands....and I left my wallet at home.  Or when I was all set to prep the entry wall for paint and decided to remove a small piece of trim covering the wall corner....which left us with an entire corner that now needs some serious patching.

So patching and painting pretty much sum up my weekend plans.  But not before I leave you with some eye candy.

When I returned to Target (with my wallet) I thought I would seize the solo shopping and browse without distraction that is children "helpers".  Maybe Target knew that our snow would be melting that day but they were stocking shelves for spring and oh my.....

I will take one in each color, please.

Or maybe some patterns just for fun...

 Pom poms on a scarf?  And they're pink?  YES.  This actually came home with me.

 I've been eying these large  floor pillows for awhile now.  The colors are perfect for our playroom.  But cheapskate here is holding out for a sale....

Nate Berkus just never disappoints, does he? Because there's this..

and this...

and these too.

Nate, I heart you.  Forever.

I've been stalking these boxes for a couple weeks and they are on sale!  Perfect for office supplies or getting a closet organized.

Clearly by my last post, I have a weakness for gift wrap.  So soft and pretty...

So bold and happy...

 The kids section had some pretty fantastic storage options too.

I can think of about 5 places I could use this mirror in our home....on a vanity, near an entry, part of a vignette....the shape, size, and wood are so, so good.

And there you have it.  Target taunting me with all things bright and spring.  I've been in sort of a home rut lately.  Blame it on the winter, or the stress from moving...either way, I've been short on inspiration and motivation.  

Then the snow started to melt and I was able to go out one day in JUST A SWEATER.  It was amazing.  We also made a decision to switch things up in my office a bit.  One little functional change and my mind was reeling with ideas again.  AND I finally found an inspiration piece for the room.  

Rifle Paper Co is no secret...their pretty paper products are all over the place.  And with good reason. They are so lovely.  Their notebooks in the Target gift aisle have been begging me to take them home for months.  I've heard them.  Why could I not justify the $12 for 3 notebooks?  Crazy.  That's why.  So, I finally listened.

Then I went to their website, placed an online order and happy mail arrived!

 Yes, they're coasters.  But they won't be coasters anymore.  When you find the right inspiration it may not come in the exact form you hoped.  But it had all the colors I was looking for and I have a pretty plans for them.  The box they came in alone would have been worth the purchase! 

Girly, pretty, no-boys-allowed-unless-you-don't-mind-pink Office.....I. can't. wait. 

Is anyone else starting to bring in spring, despite the snow?

Happy weekend!

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