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A Vintage Toy Inspired Nursery

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Last night we put the last coat of paint on the dining room walls and now I am walking around this place like a fool.  Big ole goofy grin on my face...maybe high off paint fumes or maybe just so happy to have eliminated a layer of beige from our living room.   We still have the largest wall in the living room to paint, so that post (wall painted or not) is coming tomorrow!

In the meantime, I have the sweetest of spaces to share with you!  Our dear friends Brian and Kristy are expecting their first baminbo.  Well, actually it's a bambina, and she is one lucky little girl.  Kristy is an incredibly talented graphic designer and her creativity knows no bounds.  She kept the plan for the nursery under wraps and when she shared the much anticipated pics the other day, I may or may not have squealed out loud.

She was kind enough to let me share them here.  All pics are courtesy of her iphone :)  Check out their vintage toy inspired nursery...

Such a unique take on a space for baby, yet still so perfectly fitting.  I really can't choose a favorite part...the mobile...that alphabet wall...the framed toys...the gorgeous many sweet touches.  Most of the details in this room Kristy created herself, including the incredible art.  I was going to pick her brain on the project details, but her water broke and ruined all my plans.  The nerve!  We'll forgive her since she's a woman in labor about to meet this charming nursery's newest resident.  Good luck, Mama and enjoy every minute in that wonderful new space with your precious little one!

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