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Winter Wardrobe Staples To Snatch Up For Next Year

Deme Crinion2 Comments
Well, let's be honest.  For those of us anywhere other than Texas or Florida, we'll be donning the winter wardrobe for several more weeks.  But stores are already bringing in their spring lines...which means all those fantastic winter coats and sweaters are all on sale with extra saving for this MLK weekend!

The post about how I pared down to a 30-piece Minimalist Wardrobe has finally surpassed the toiled post as "most pinned".

Purging The Closet!
(sample wardrobe)

My rules to shopping for a successful minimalist wardrobe are Fit and Flatter, Love not Like, Quality over Quantity, and Versatile 3-ways.  You can download this free shopping list to help keep you on track and read the full post here.  

Minimalist closet or full to the brim, good staples are a must!  I've got my eye on these sale goodies...

Happy shopping and I hope you're able to enjoy some time off with your loved ones today!

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