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Snow Day

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Well, school is officially cancelled due to this tundra weather, and the hubs is home from work because the roads are so dangerous.  We'll be snuggling up and trying to stay busy inside today.  Although we might play a little game of "hop outside for a second just to see what -24 feels like".  Me, not the kids.

Yesterday was actually warm (around 38) so we took advantage of getting out to play without our faces freezing.  The kids have been begging to sled for weeks, so we drove out to a nearby park with a perfect sledding hill.  The snow was starting to melt from the rain earlier in the day, but the sledding was still good.  And fast!

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook you may have already seen this clip of our youngest.  When he's really excited he turns into a scream-laugher #thebest

Last week we took some time to recap the blog highlights from 2013, shared a bit about personal loss and our perspective heading into 2014, and wrapped up with 7 lessons learned from our first house.  This week I owe you some new house updates!

A lot has changed since we first moved in.  Don't get me wrong, it's still looks like a moving truck blew up in here, BUT...the kids' rooms are no longer green and purple, the floors are totally different on the main level, and (hallelujah!) we have a bed!  Pics and plans coming later this week.  I also have a really fun blogger series for the month of January that kicks off tomorrow!

I'm off to brew another pot of HOT coffee because this is how things are looking over here...

Anyone else snowed/frozen in today?  Be safe and warm!

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