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Orange Chocolate Chippers Recipe

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I say we start off a new week with cookies.  Because, they're


...and yum.  Today I've got a recipe for Orange Chocolate Chippers that we made this weekend, and it's sure to perk up "the mondays" anyone may be fighting!

orange chocolate chip cookie recipe

Oh you guys.  These cookies.  I could eat them by the bucket.  If you love a soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie, then you'll love this recipe.  They practically melt in your mouth, and have an extra little something with the addition of orange zest - not at all overpowering.

orange chocolate chip cookies

I've seen several variations of this recipe but I love this version that was passed down to me from dear friends.  I've heard that you're to be committed to the shortening till death do us part or the recipe will fail.  I made this batch with butter and they were still amazing.

orange chocolate chip cookies

So preheat your oven to 350 and here we go!

(You can download a printable copy of the recipe



The key is to pull them before the tops brown. 

orange chocolate chip cookies

 For my oven, that's right at 12 minutes.

orange chocolate chip cookies

They come together really easily and make around 36 cookies.  

orange chocolate chip cookie recipe

They're great for the holidays or a just because baking weekend.  Are you particular about your chocolate chip cookies?  Do you like a bit of crunch or soft all the way?

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