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Kids' Room Updates

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Our temps are finally back into the double digits and I hope all of you are warming back up too!  We're due for some house updates around here, so I thought I would start with the only two rooms that have actually received a fresh coat of paint!

Whenever we have moved, we've always made it a priority to set up the kids' rooms first.  It's never a full room makeover, but having their familiar things set up in a new place helps with the transition.  We also try to knock out the bulk of the painting in those rooms, so we don't have to uproot them just as they're getting settled. 

 This is what the boys' room looked like when we walked through on our house hunting trip. 

Mia was so jealous that the bigger room we would claim for the boys' shared space was the one coated in purple and fluttering butterflies..

But today, the purple is gone and we have a very manly stone color in it's place (Castle Path by Behr)

And not much else.

Somehow the boys bed frames were lost in the move, so their mattresses are on the floor and the headboards are leaning against the wall.

There's a heater vent right at the head of Sully's bed, so we have his bed pushed away from the wall as not to block the air flow.

The movers also lost this map that used to hang above the boys dresser. 
accessorizing a striped wall
I'm totally heartbroken.  It was my favorite piece in their room and we spent a lot of time looking at the map together as we talked about our move and how we would get from NM to OH.  I found it at Home Goods about a year ago, and I haven't seen another one since.  Insert very sad face here.

Opposite the boys' bed wall, we have a cubby that we hope to use to corral books and toys.  Clearly we still have some Christmas decorations to put away.  

On the plus side, there's some pretty awesome storage in their closet....totally lacking in any sort of organization but full of potential

I was originally going to add some stripes to the walls but I found some duvet covers in a striped pattern (obviously they haven't actually found their way onto the comforters yet), so I'm playing with other ideas for their walls.  Whether it's paint or just through accessories - not sure yet.

Lots of work to do in here but at least it feels a lot more like our boys.

Onto the bambina's room.  While she was begging for the purple room, the boys had their eyes set on her green one.  This is another shot from the house listing.
You may have read about how I lost the pink paint debate in this room back here.  It's gone from a very limey green...


To a very soft pink...
I was originally hoping to go a different route for her room, but the light pink ended up being the perfect backdrop for the other fabrics and fun elements coming into this sweet space.

We have plans for a canopy over the bed, and are still tossing around ideas for the wall space around the vanity.  The vanity that's still displaying her class Christmas cards. 

This gives you a better idea of the room's layout. 

Her bedroom had the only closet without a built-in storage system and is much smaller than the others.  My dad gave it a fresh coat of white paint when my parents were here over the holidays, and we lucked out that her dresser just fit inside.
 I'm thinking we can add some additional storage with another shelf or creative layout down the line.  She also requested polka dots in here, so stand by for that project!

We moved a lot of the books downstairs, so this bookcase is going to transform into a doll house.  Santa brought her some paints and supplies to get the project started and we're looking forward to working on that project together.

We have a lot of work left to do in here as well, but we have some fun projects already in the works and I can't wait to see it come together!

But really.  Do we need any other accessories besides pink bunny slippers?  I think not.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!