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Duct Tape Wrapped Clipboard For The Pantry

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This post could go a little something like this.....

So, I took a plain boring clipboard and wrapped it with pretty duct tape. The end.

But for those of you (like me) that need details, here's the overly specific breakdown of a plain jane clipboard that is now pretty and helping to save my sanity....

With a new house full of projects in the "big scale" category, sometimes it's nice to bust out a quick 15 minute project.  It's even better when that 15 minute project actually eliminates some of the chaos said move creates.

We've not only been thinking about how to set up our furniture, decorate the rooms, create organizing systems to make our household run smoothly....we've also had to restructure our budget.  New house and new city mean new bills and billing cycles.  There's always an adjustment to these with a move.

For a long time I've cringed at the food/household line of our budget which includes food, household supplies (TP, paper towels, dishwasher soap, etc.) and baby supplies.  At one point we had three kids 3 years old and under.  That meant a lot of diapers/bottles/diaper cream (read: really expensive baby stuff).  I just accepted that we would be paying more for these items when the kids were young.

However.  As all bums have moved out of diapers and onto big time potty business, and the baby specific stuff has been passed on to friends with younger kids, that food/household line has stayed the same.  And we can easily push the limit on it every month.

We know part of it is the need to limit our eating out and get back to meal planning....which all fell by the wayside during our cross-county move.  But we also find ourselves making multiple trips to the store each week for staple pantry items and forgotten ingredients needed for meals.  I know that I can save us a lot of money if I take more time to look at weekly ads, cut some coupons (we're not talking crazy coupon lady here), and plan our meals around food sales.  The lazy in me is kicking and screaming "No!  Just get pizza!!!" but I know we're spending more than we need to and could save a lot with better planning.

Of course, I'll over-share all the details of that process later...but first, back to this clipboard!

For now, I started by typing up a Food Inventory List of all the food items we like to keep on hand for breakfast, lunches, snacks and our pantry stock.  This way I can quickly glance at it as I'm making my grocery list to ensure I don't miss any of those standard items that might be running low.  But I needed a place to put it.  Enter the clipboard ($1.99 at Target)...and a few other supplies.
(craft knife and hook not pictured.  And you'll need scissors)

Continue doing this all the way to the top.  My last piece just covered the bottom edge of the hinge plate.

For the edges I started on the side that would be the easiest to line up with my pattern and wrapped it all the way around the board.

I trimmed away all the excess with the craft knife....

...and called it done!

I wanted this to hang inside our pantry door, so I went the easiest route with what I had on hand. I tied some twine around each side of the metal clasp...

...and hung it on a command hook.
duct tape wrapped clipboard for pantry inventory

Our food inventory is now in plain view

Then, I slapped our weekly meal plan right on top of the Food Inventory.  We use this form to plan out our meals on the left and write down all our groceries needed for those meals and to restock our pantry/fridge on the right. I can take the clipboard off the hook when it comes time to plan our meals and make the grocery list.

Feel free to download one for yourself here.

It was a super quick and easy change that has us on the right track to better meal planning and food budgeting!  I would love to hear about the ways you save on your grocery bill each month....are any of you seasoned coupon clippers?  Do you stock up in bulk with sales or still go week to week? Please teach us your grocery bill saving ways!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!