House For Six


Deme Crinion8 Comments
To a paint color that is.   

I've had non-committal issues with paint lately.  In this new house, I really wanted to think about how I want our house to feel before I dove into switching up all the rooms.  That goes for each individual room and the overall flow of the house.

But I've been thinking too much.  To the point I've scared myself out of choosing anything.

Even before we had closed on this house I knew I wanted to do a dark focal wall (or two) to highlight the architectural details in the living room and to give some definition to the adjoining dining area.  I wanted a really deep navy or charcoal grey, almost black, with light warm walls elsewhere.

I found an "Oooo, I like that!" color swatch and threw a few sample swatches on the wall.  
 [And a sneak peak of the floors (post coming soon!) and the general mess that is our daily life]

It's looking more blue in these pics than it does in person, but it was love at first sight. could my first choice possibly be it?  No, I must try at least 57 more options and mull and wrestle over it much more.  And so I tortured myself with a bazillion other navy/grey/black samples.  And always came back to that first choice.

I don't love the name (Volcanic Ash by Valspar) but I need to get over it.  It's exactly what I had in mind.   And who cares if I don't like it a few years from now.  It's just paint, and you all know that I won't turn down another paint project if I need to change things up down the road.

So, consider Volcanic Ash the first paint color of our own choosing to join the main level of rooms! Paint is purchased and hopefully I'll be sharing those pics on Monday.  Now to decide on the rest of the walls.....

Anyone else have an incredible knack for talking yourself out of something when it's perfectly good?

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