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Coffee Break: More Superheroes, Netflix, & A New Decorating Series!

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Happy Friday, Everyone!  

Cue the choirs of angels because I finally managed to come out of my paint decision freeze.  Paint for a focal wall in the living room is purchased and even if it doesn't actually make it onto the walls this weekend, it could! In other news... 

The Target pic  
We posted this pic of our family at Target last weekend on Instagram

I just want to be sure we have one thing straight.  This was not even close to a "look what a cool parent I am" moment.  We tried to talk them out of those costumes for a good 15 minutes before leaving the house....which was met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with general flailing about.  So, ultimately we caved like the weaklings we are and decided to take the strange glances of strangers over the epic meltdown times two that was already brewing.

Ironman and Power Ranger: 1
Mom and Dad: 0

At one point Ironman declared that Ursula was waging an attack in the snack aisle (about 6 aisles away from us) and took off in a full sprint to rescue any innocents in her path.  This happened about 17 more times during our little grocery jaunt, and in all my days, I have never been so happy to leave Target.

Ironman: 2
Mom and Dad: -17

Wild Kratts
When we moved to this new house we bid farewell to cable and have been surviving off of Netflix and a digital antenna.  It's actually been great.  For our family and for our monthly budget.  The kids also have a new favorite show...

Is anyone else hooked on Wild Kratts?  We love them and all of a sudden our kids' standard animal favorites like bunnies and puppies have been replaced with the honey badger and the tortuga.  As our car tires were spinning on a patch of ice yesterday, Sully informed me that we needed sharp claws and more traction on the ice, like the polar bear's claws and pads on his feet.  Wild Kratts, I heart you.

New Design Series...and your help!
I'm so excited to kick off a new series for Valentines week...all in the name of love and harmony!  Or sanity anyway.  We'll be talking about decorating for opposite tastes.  If you're anything like the mister and I, agreeing on how to decorate the home you share is no easy task.  We have very different tastes when it comes to decorating our home, and although he will never ever like a pretty aqua blue on the walls, we have made progress in finding a style that suits both our tastes. Through much trial and error!

We'll spend a week diving into this subject, but I would love to hear from you struggle with this issue?  What are some of this things you would like to chat about when it comes to this topic?  What seems to be the biggest obstacle you face in coming to common ground in the look and feel of your home?    Leave a note in the comments, shoot me an email ( or give us your thoughts/questions on the Facebook page.

I'm looking forward to treading through the murky waters together! In the meantime, have a great weekend and stay warm!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!