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An Old Chair Finds It's Identity With One King's Lane

Deme Crinion1 Comment
I am the luckiest of all lucky girls here, because I inherited this gem of a vintage piece from my Grandmother....but I know nothing about it.

When my parents first brought it out to me in New Mexico, I was chomping at the bit to spruce her up with new upholstery and to give that wood frame some love.

But here she sits next to me in my still unpainted office looking exactly the same.  I've been all over the board with what to do....paint the wood and add a bold fabric....leave the wood as is and go with a timeless fabric....colorful!, neutral!...both!...AAHHHH!!! 

I asked my mom what she new about the piece, and all she could offer was that she heard it was Eastlake style.  Whatever that meant. 

So, when One Kings Lane asked us to give their new Home Decor Resource Guide a spin, I thought it might be the perfect chance to learn more about this untouched treasure sitting in my office.  Maybe knowing a little more about her would give me some direction in how to freshen her up.

And I sort of love what I found.   "Eastlake style" got its name from a guy named Charles Lock Eastlake.  A guy who ruffled some feathers when he loudly voiced his dislike for many styles of the Victorian era for being over the top.  Eastlake's designs were sort of a throw back.  He pulled from a mix of styles, but it was all about simple, good craftsmanship....less hoity toity, more geometric....modest for the wood grain....light carvings.

Which actually describes where James and I's opposite tastes sort of meet.  He loves over the top and I have a much simpler aesthetic.  So, this settee really is a great opportunity for our styles to meet. It happens to be in my office (which is going to have a much more feminine vibe than the rest of the house), but I want it to be a statement piece that we can still move around to other rooms of the house if needed. 

In the One Kings Lane article, I also saw a link for Eastlake style chairs, which took me to a page of modern chairs currently for sale in that style - awesome inspiration for how we can possibly update this piece!  This Home Decor Resource Guide has so many articles on the history of furniture.  You can search for information by time period, style, or simply by the type of furniture (sofa, banquette, ottomans, etc).  They also have a Home Decor Shopping Handbook with all sorts of articles to help you choose the right piece of furniture when shopping for your space.  Overall, the site is great for trying to find the perfect new piece or to figure out the story behind something old. 

Now to make some decisions on our own vintage beauty!  After this I may just keep the wood grain after all.  What would you do with this piece?  Go bold, colorful, neutral, painted...? 

*One Kings Lane invited us to try their new Home Decor Resource Guide and to share our experience on the blog.  We were not compensated in any way for this post.

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