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Albuquerque Blogger Series: It's Always Ruetten

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School is closed today in Dayton due to round 2 of El Polar Freezo.  So while we spend one more day hanging out in our pj's, I'm going to let Julia from It's Always Ruetten provide the DIY home inspiration.  She's next up in our Albuquerque Blogger series!  

You've already met Amy and Jennifer - each with a unique home and point of view.  Julia has her own creative streak that's helped make her ABQ apartment feel that much more like home.  She's a master at creating the amazing on a small budget, finding impermanent ways to put her own stamp on her rental, and maximizing small spaces.  Let's hear a little more....

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to keep my parents, family, and friends connected to what I was doing in Albuquerque. Between my family and college I have close ties to Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, and California. Keeping them all updated was easiest through a blog.
What makes a place home?
This might seem like a weird answer, but I feel like blankets make a place a home. Weird right? Maybe it's that I grew up in Montana where our winters are long and cold and a blanket just screams warmth, but whenever I'm in someone else's home with lots of blankets I always feel more at home. In my home, I have blankets on the couch and the bed! :-) I think pets also make a house feel like a home.

What's your favorite project to date?
My favorite project to date is probably my Valentine's Day wreath from last year. But I also love my Labor Day wreath too! Living in an apartment that I rent prevents me from tackling some really major projects that I want to, but I do have some fun furniture makeovers coming up in the new year!

What's your biggest project fail? 
By far my biggest project fail is when I tried to spray paint my kitchen trash bin white (see the fail here). The primer was all brush strokes and showed right through the paint. Needless to say I bought a new one

What do you love about ABQ?
I love the food in Albuquerque. Seriously, there is nothing better than New Mexican food!

Red or Green?
Depends on the dish, but you can never go wrong with Christmas (red and green!)!

One goal for 2014?
One blog goal: respond to comments on my blog more consistently; One personal goal: make the final payment on my student loans in 2014! Woot!!


I totally get the blanket thing.  They absolutely make home feel more cozy...especially with your favorite fur-babe curled up in it.  And that adorable Valentine's Day wreath has me excited to start thinking about V-day crafts. Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Julia!  You can find more of her resourceful craftiness and home inspiration at It's Always Ruetten.....and congrats on being so close to that last student loan payment!!

Let's hear from the renters - how have you been able to put your own stamp on a rental home?  How do you make it feel like yours?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!