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Albuquerque Blogger Series: Desert Willow Lane

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I've had so much fun sharing some amazing DIY/Home bloggers from the ABQ with you throughout this series.  I hope you've enjoyed meeting some new faces too!

We're wrapping up the series with someone I've introduced you to before (way back here in a Reader Spot highlighting her son's bedroom).  And she was the first blog buddy I ever met in person - you know, those awesome people you connect with online and then realize you live in the same city and could actually meet in person but what if we have nothing to talk about and its really awkward or they turn out to be a serial killer, so let's meet in a very open public place just in case??  Yes that.  Then, she turned out to be even more amazing in person and I miss meeting up for coffee, breakfast burritos, and shopping trips to ReStore. 

Now, I'm going to hand it over to Sharon from Desert Willow Lane, before this post goes too far down sap-ville lane.....

Why did you start blogging?  
I started blogging because I was on a mission to fix up our house.  I wanted to make it really pretty and to make it more of a reflection of me and my kids.  That's my politically correct answer.  Actually, my kids were sick to death of me asking them to look at yet another round of paint samples on my bedroom wall.  Whenever I'd call one of them for something they would say, "Is this about paint again?"  They also told me that they didn’t really like going to ReStore to look at “old stuff.”  Since I’m a single mom, I really wanted to connect with other people who actually like looking at paint samples and old stuff at thrift stores. 

What makes a place home?
I found out the answer to this the hard way.  When my ex-husband left, I was only working part time.  I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to swing the mortgage payment by myself and that I’d lose the house.  I felt like I was going through enough with the break up of my marriage, and I didn’t want to lose my house too.  Plus, my kids were only 15 months and 3 years old at the time, so I didn’t want to have to uproot them either.  The threat of losing our home was very real and I was scared.  But, I realized that where we lived didn’t really matter, as long as we were together.  That’s truly what home is for me, being with my kids.
What's your favorite project to date?
I would have to say my rolling pallet play table.  I think it captures me at my best, which is using my creativity to solve a problem in a frugal way.  Plus, it was my first big feature, which really blew me away and was also very humbling. 

What's your biggest project fail?
Definitely my failed tray makeover.  I had such high hopes and it really would have been awesome if the paint hadn’t chipped off.  I still haven’t even tried to redo it.  I spent hours taping the herringbone pattern.  Then, I see cute trays go on sale at Target for $15.00 and I think, “Why didn’t I just buy a flippin’ tray?”  

What do you love about ABQ?
I love the mountains.  I also love the climate.  We’re fortunate to have all four seasons but they’re not too extreme.  I love the big blue sky.  I don’t realize how much I love it until I go somewhere where it’s overcast a lot and it makes me feel claustrophobic.  Oh, and the food.  You cannot beat New Mexican food.

 And the question you will be asked at every restaurant in Albuquerque, red or green?
You know, I’m a Gemini so I actually love both.  I probably eat more green chile and sort of associate red chile with Christmas time because that’s when we eat posole and tamales with red chile.  If I get a craving for chile, I just run to the drive through at Golden Pride and get a breakfast burrito with green chile, or a carne adovada burrito when I want red.  Life’s short.  Why narrow your options? 

One goal for 2014?
Oh gosh.  I have so many.  I’m going to try to be more grateful.  I’m really so blessed.  I have wonderful kids, a supporting family, good friends, a stable job, good health, and a beautiful home.  It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game and always want more, especially when you’re a DIY/decorating blogger.  I just want to really appreciate and enjoy what I have and be grateful.  Life is good.


Thanks so much for chatting with us today, Sharon!  I now have a serious craving for green chile and a run through Golden Pride.  Best. burritos. EVER.  You can catch more DIY/home projects on Sharon's blog where she's always coming up with resourceful and creative ways to make things feel more like home.  She also whipped up the cutest Paint Chip Valentine Bookmarker that would be perfect for a class party.

Be sure to stop by and visit the other ABQ bloggers if you missed them earlier in this series!
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