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Albuquerque Blogger Series: Delineate Your Dwelling

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Today I'm so excited to kick off a blogger series for the month of January, introducing you to some really amazing gals!  There are bloggers all over and the realm of DIY/Home blogging has so many talented faces. There are many represented in TX, UT, CA, the midwest and the east coast.... 

But my old home Albuquerque? I only know of four.  And these four are truly rockstars!!  So, if you don't happen to follow them already, I thought I would make some introductions and let us all get to know them a little better.  Each Tuesday in January I'll be sharing one of these talented ladies from Albuquerque, NM and we're going to kick things off with the adorable Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling!   

She's a mama of two, with a background in landscape architecture...but she dabbles in graphic design and her creative juices have transformed her beautiful home with big and small projects alike.

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I love being able to create and believe we are all made to live creatively.  I wanted to be able to share that excitement with others (I love even having craft night parties with friends).  I believe that anyone can be creative, sometimes you need a little inspiration, a little hand holding and a small push in the right direction.

(sharpie mug art)

What makes a place home?
I think making a home takes place in three steps.  First, a place becomes a home the very moment people you love are all gathered together in it.  Second, make your space work for your particular family in terms of function and organization.  Third, personalize it to your taste.  As Nate Berkus says, "There should be items in your home that sing a little song to you when you walk by.

 (cream felt pumpkins)

 (clipboard gallery wall)
What's your favorite project to date?
My personal favorite project to date that I've posted on the blog was my kid's chalkboard desks.  I had such fun going from a simple white IKEA desk to soft blue chalkboard tops with a painted table top.  We use those desks every single day and it's a project that changed a few times along the way, but I was so happy that I stuck with it.  Happy kiddos and happy mama! 

What's your biggest project fail? 
My biggest project fail was never shown on the blog.  I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon with people doing canvas' covered with magazine cuttings and the letters overtop.  At a craft night with a friend, I glued all these adorable mint green, peach and gold magazine clippings down and applied letters spelling out "eat your broccoli".  Then I painted overtop all of it with gray paint and after it all dried, removed the letters.  It was a crazy bubbly hot mess.

What do you love about ABQ?
Albuquerque has so many great attributes.  Although, the weather has to be pretty high on the list.  I adore eating our meals outside and love that we have a great outdoor space to do that.  No bugs, no humidity = lots of long lovely dinners spent with dear friends outside!

And the question you will be asked at every restaurant in Albuquerque...Red or Green [chile]?
Green, green, green! 

One goal for 2013?
Personal life related goal- Learn to cross stitch but make REALLY cool things
Blog related goal- I'd love to do more collaborations with other talented bloggers.  I get so inspired by some of my blog friends.
Family related goal- Take more family walks after dinner


Thank you so much for chatting with us today, Amy! I wish I were eating out on that patio right now...and I know that my kids would be using those sweet desks on a daily basis too!  Be sure to hop over to Amy's blog Delineate Your Dwelling to see her beautiful home, her top projects from 2013, and those graphic art skillz in action over at her shop.  

I love Amy's quote from Nate Berkus...what elements in your home "sing to you" when you walk by?  Who else is blogging it up about home and DIY projects in NM?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!