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A Place To Play And Not Go Insane

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First of all, I apologize if any of you have seen any inappropriate ads displayed on the sidebar of the blog.  Hopefully, that will all be cleaned up, like yesterday. 

Now...happy Monday!  How was your weekend? We weren't very productive around the house, but did replace a couple of broken toilet seats.  And if you need a killer donut shop the next time you visit Dayton, I've got you hooked up!

In part of the Lessons Learned From Our First House post, I mentioned that we would be focusing on areas of this house that need the most functional attention first.  Toilets...check.  Playroom.....not even close.  Now there's nothing technically wrong with this room, but after living here for over a month we've found that it's the room our kids spend the most time in together.  And it's a royal mess.

Just look at her when we first moved in.  What a nice clean (albeit green) blank slate...
playroom before 

playroom before 

playroom before

Yeah, well, then we unpacked...
playroom before

playroom before
Clearly, her cries for help and order have been completely ignored.  We almost always enter the house through the garage (just to the left of that doorway in the picture above) and come immediately through this room to the kitchen, where we drop our stuff.  You can always find a trail of jackets, hats, and gloves between here and there.

We'll be morphing our current coat closet into more of a drop zone to help with some of the come-through-the-door clothing trail, but we're going to need a much better plan for this family/playroom.  We're so fortunate to have a formal living area and finished basement in addition to this space, so we really want to embrace this as a room for the bambinos.  A room for learning, playing, popcorn and movies...but also one that they can easily maintain. 

Once we committed this space to a designated kid zone, I went on a pinning spree of inspiring playrooms.  I didn't want to clog anyone's Pinterest feed with a gazillion play room pics so I've been pinning them onto a "secret"  Playroom board....unlocked this morning for you to drool and dream along with me.  Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

 Here are a few of my favorites...
playroom inspiration

playroom inspiration

playroom inspiration

playroom inspiration

playroom inspiration
 (via) different from our chaotic reality.  I have no illusions of a perfectly clean playroom - that's laughable.  But it would be nice to be able to clean it up at the end of the day and actually live in the space...instead of survive the Lego landmines.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on that closet turned drop zone and bringing some order and harmony to this cray-cray space.  I give you, the official checklist...

-Paint walls
-Better seating and room layout
-Larger piece for the TV stand (possibly the buffet from our room?)
-Toy purge and organization
-Gallery wall 
-Create an art zone
-Dress up area
-Play food/kitchen area
-Fireplace treatment
-Family Command Center
-Improved Homework Desk/Work Zone

Has anyone else set up a playroom in their home?  What were some of the zones you created?  How did you keep it family friendly?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!