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Remembering Special Days in 2014

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Well, not just special days for 2014, but all those birthdays, anniversaries and other "mark the calendar" days throughout the year! 

It's dandy to glance at our monthly calendar and see who's prepping to blow out their candles or celebrate another year of marriage, but I also like to be able to look ahead.  Cuz it sucks to flip over the calendar to the next month and find you're late getting a gift or card out for a birthday on the 1st.  Not that I've ever done that... 

Last year I made these as Christmas gifts for some of our extended family and friends.  I made them an 11x14 size and included a family photo gallery from the past year as a top border.  I listed all the significant dates that each person wanted to remember under the corresponding month and it was very easy to update last year's calendars for 2014....i.e. change "Deme's 34th birthday" to "Deme's 34th Birthday".   The whole year at a glance.

And I updated the fill-in-the-blank version for you to download too.  Just click the link below the imagine.

Do you have a system for keeping track of your family's birthdays and anniversaries?  How do you stay on top of gift giving throughout the year?  Here's to not forgetting those special moments in 2014...Cheers!

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