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Back In The Land of the Connected Internet....So Welcome To The New Place!

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I've never considered myself one who's attached to her gadgets or needs to be near the computer all the time; HOWEVER, over a week without internet (just the trusty 3G network on my phone), was more than enough of an internet hiatus for me.

Especially when you're moving into a new place and need to do things uniform orders online, email your child's teacher, check order statuses for shipped items, yada, yada, yada.  But enough complaining...I've missed you!! And the world wide web is alive and well again here, so let's catch up!

Now that everything has officially closed on our new Ohio digs, I can finally share pics of the new place!  Most of these were taken the day the mover's delivered our things.  You'll see my OCD the color coded signs identifying each room with it's coordinating colored boxes (more on that in a post I'll add to the Moving Series we wrapped up last month).

I was going to give you a full blown house tour, house plans, and a "how we're adjusting" post, but that would be a major whopper.  We'll keep this one to house tour/general plans and save our family's adjustment for another day.

Enough of the chit chat, right?!  Come on in!  Well, first walk on up...

First of all, we are so thankful that we were able to buy a home in our new city.  We bought this 1979 split level house that sits on a corner lot.  Originally we were eying cul-de-sac locations for the slower traffic and larger yards.  Here we found that most corner lots had big front yards and itty bitty backyards....kind of like a reverse mullet - big party in the front, nothin in the rear (maybe an angled bob??). Then we stumbled onto this gem with two large yards and walking distance to huge parks/walking trails
I'll have to get a better shot of the front and dish about what I'm dreaming up for the exterior....which is definitely not a project we'll be tackling anytime soon.  There's damage to some of the siding due to brick damage on the chimney, so we'll have to address mason work and exterior paint down the line.  The only thing we're tackling outside right now, are those leaves.

As soon as you enter the front door there's a generous entry and a sunken living room.  It's very much like our last house with a melting pot of flooring throughout....carpet, tile, other carpet, 3 different types of laminate...
One of the lessons learned from our NM place is that it's so much easier to deal with floors before you are moved in and settled.  Soooooo, we took advantage of those Black Friday sales and have a nice stack of flooring ready to go in this weekend!  We're not doing the whole house.  Just the main living area, upper level hallway, and stairs.  Hopefully, pics to come next week!

Aside from floors, we love the extra height in this room and the cozy vibe thanks to the sunken floors.  My main man stands at 6'4" so he appreciates the extra head clearance the most. 

Around the corner and a step back up is the dining room.  My mind is reeling with wall treatment ideas for this area behind the piano and the adjoining wall to the dining room to unify the spaces.  But for now, we're thankful for neutral wall color.
(That door to the right leads to the garage)

This dining area is actually pretty small, but the raised ceiling and french doors give it some extra space and room to breath...
See that green peaking through that doorway?  Yeah, that's the kitchen/family room.  Let's check it out...

Behold, our very green kitchen. I think this area was an add-on back in the 90's.  The cabinets are a really nice quality with pull out shelving.  BUT...that enormous hood drives me nuts.  Especially when trying to talk to your extra-tall husband on the other side. If we end up staying here awhile, we have big plans to expand the kitchen and move the oven over to the wall. Not a major reno, just build on what they've already started. 

I do however, love the sink that looks right into the backyard.

And this built-in desk as you move into the family room...perfect homework spot for the kiddos.

And the family room itself has an awesome fireplace and a great dance space..
But terrible lighting.

There's also this odd built-in that divides the two rooms, but it's come in handy for storing serving dishes and table linens

Just off the family room is a half bath...
 ...and the laundry room. 

Then it's around the corner past a coat closet and back to the front. One big loop - good for kiddos running laps.

Here's a better shot of the front door (where I was standing for the living room pics).  That stair way to right leads up to the bedrooms and the left side goes down to the basement.  Clearly we need some sort of drop zone..or a maid. 

Going up there are three brightly colored bedrooms....none of which worked out according to the new resident's wish list.

The only room big enough to fit both boys is the purple room.  Which Sully describes as "Disgusting!!  Ew! Phla!  Yuck!"

He wants this green one that belongs to Mia.  Which she wants pink.

The yellow room is mine. A whole entire room just for me - craziness! Think office.  Think girly. Think sewing and crafts. Think no boys/kids allowed.  But don't think yellow.  Nothing against yellow, I just have a different pallet in mind for this space.

Down the hall is a linen closet, full bath (for the kids), and the master bedroom.

It's light and bright and a big blank slate for now.  It will probably stay that way until we've lived here awhile and have a better idea of what we want to do in there.

By far, my favorite part of this room is beyond those sunlit extra large balcony where you will find me with a cup of coffee neglecting all my home and motherly duties (there's a view of it in the backyard pic later in the post).

The other half of that stairway leads to the finished basement and 5th bedroom.

This extra space is amazing.  Like game changing amazing.  The rest of the house is almost exactly the same size as our previous home (2400 sqft) but these extra rooms have allowed us to split up rooms that used to serve double duty, into their own spaces.  Meaning....James will finally have a true man cave.

And our guests won't have to dodge piles of fabric and football wristbands like they used to in our old shared office.  Well, not entirely.  This will also be James' workspace.  On days he works from home, we'll be able to close the door to the basement and keep the kids out of his way. 

Now, lets not forget the garage, because seriously, THAT STORAGE!!  So happy about that.  It's all empty, just waiting to be cleaned and filled.

I didn't grab a pic of the backyard yet but this is the one from the listing, courtesy of Sibcy Cline.  The play structure came with the house and there's that view of the master bedroom's balcony.  *sigh*
I think we might all live out here during the warmer area for the kids, deck for Mom, and a grill for Dad.  Good suff.

We certainly won't mind being inside either!  Although we sacrificed some space in the bedrooms (they are all smaller than our previous home), we gained a ton of living space and as our kids grow it feels like a home that can grow well with them.  A home this large in NM probably would have been out of our price range, but thanks to a lower cost of living and catching this house at the right time in a slowing market during our house hunting trip, we feel incredibly blessed to call this place home.  I can't wait to share more of our plans and this neighborhood with you!

We've held off on unpacking too much since we'll need to move things around during the flooring install.  It's giving us plenty of time to think about how we want the rooms to function and how to put our personal stamp on things.  So many plans are floating around in my head and if I shared them all with James, his head might just explode.  Small doses.  Regardless of project plans, we just love the way this house feels.  And that is the best kind of place to call home.

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!