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A Few Of Our Favorite [Kids} Things. For Christmas.

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We finally brought in a few boxes of Christmas decorations this week and since my OCD has yet to find it's way to labeling the bins it was a bit of a "what's behind bin lid #1?". 

Luckily, one of the bins had some of the kids' favorite Christmas items.  It was enough to give their spirits a much needed holiday lift and they've been busy playing with them for the past few days. 

Many of them are super inexpensive, so I thought I would share our top 3 favorite Christmas items for we go!

Christmas Nesting Dolls

This obsession all started with a set of snowmen nesting dolls that my parents used to keep up at our family cabin.  Every single child who entered that house made a bee-line for those snowmen.

Something about the smallest one being a penguin just cracked them up.  

One year my parents gave our kids the set, and have added a few more sets over the years, including a couple of these from the Oriental Trading Company.

Nativity Fridge Magnets

All the kids love this next one.  When they were young these magnets kept them busy in the kitchen while I got dinner ready and even Mia (at 6 years old) still likes setting them up in different arrangements. 
I'm not sure where we originally got these, but a quick search on Amazon turned up a similar set.

Little People Nativity

Eventually I'm sure we'll graduate to a grown up set, but for now the kids are hands down in love with this one. 

We received this as a gift and it's been a huge hit with all the kids.  My biggest challenge is keeping it in front of the tree.  For some reason Gabriel and Baby Jesus always end up MIA...and eventually found in the most random places.
I know these sets are available through a number of vendors including Amazon.  If it's not in your budget this year, keep an eye out for them at Kohl's when they go on Christmas clearance :)

What are your kids' favorite Christmas items?  Which ones do they ask about before you even bring down the boxes? 

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!