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Ohio or Bust.....and Our Best Thanksgiving Table Yet!

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We've officially landed in Ohio!  And by landed, I mean the car has stopped.

We had a ridiculous plan....push through the night, alternating the driving, and make it from NM to OH in 24hrs.

That was before the choas of moving day almost did us in, and the January-esque cold front that iced over the mid-west in November.

But lets back up to moving day...

The movers arrived right on time at 8am.  We opted to pack ourselves to save on the final bill, so all the movers had to do was load and take care of our larger furniture items.  Easy enough, right?

Well, the night before moving day we still had a few unpacked items in the garage and about half of the office to finish up by morning.  And, we ran out of boxes.  And it was too late to get more.  And no place was open for boxes large enough before 8am.

Fortunately, the movers had no problem working around those unfinished areas since the majority of the house was ready to go.  As I was about to load up the kids in the car to grab more boxes and breakfast, James was carrying a large cracked bucket of paint out of the garage and it exploded onto the driveway.  A massive amount of paint covering one side of the driveway as the movers were setting up their ramp on the other side. Fun times.

We made the mistake of using the hose to attempt washing some of it down...which sent it all into the gutter where the truck was parked and right into the movers' walking path.

Also.  Did I mention that when the movers pulled up the boys went out with James to greet them, and Sully decided that nature's call could not wait, and promptly dropped trou in the front courtyard to take care of business?  I forgot to mention that? Right.

I had no idea how we were going to manage to pack up the remaining items, make gobs of paint disappear, manage the move, and clean the house, all while keeping the kids out of the way of...well, everything.

As I pulled away from the house, trying not to lose it in front of the kids, I got a text from a friend offering to watch the kids while the movers were there.  A gift.  And another friend watched the kids for us in the afternoon.  So ,James and I had the entire day to finish packing, address the paint "incident", and manage the remainder of the move with our undivided attention.  We truly could not have made it through that day without the generosity of good friends - thank you so much, Gals!!

Not only did they watch the kids, but they crafted ornaments for our Christmas tree with them, had binders with car activities ready, and sent us with cookies for the drive.  We are seriously blessed.

Immediately after the movers finished, we drove to the Title company and signed the closing documents for the sale of the house.  We headed back for a quick cleaning and closed her up for the last time.  The day was such a complete non-stop rush that I barely had a moment to snap a few pics with my phone and say goodbye.

So many treasured memories were made in this home and part of me still can't believe that we will never walk through that door and take off our shoes in that home again. 

The stress of moving day, the frenzied packing from those final days, and my week alone with the kids while James traveled to OH, left us thoroughly exhausted in every way.  We were emotionally spent and physically drained.

We decided a non-stop drive to OH just wasn't happening.   Those activity binders sure came in handy.

We only made it the four hours to Amarillo that first night, and hoped for more progress on day two.  But Oklahoma greeted us with gusty, biting winds and ice, ice, and more ice.
We saw so many jack-knifed semi's on the side of the road and at one point were in a parking lot on I-40 for about 2 hours (inching a total of 5 miles) while they cleared out yet another accident due to icy road conditions.  We were thankful just to make it safely to Tulsa on our second night. 

More of these babies (best stay-awake driving snack ever) and a good full day of driving put us just east of Indianapolis by our third night. 

That left us with just under 2 hours to drive to Dayton the last day.  Best driving day by far! 

We put an offer on a house in Ohio the day after we accepted an offer on our house in New Mexico, but weren't scheduled to close on the Ohio home until Nov 29th.  In the meantime, we've been completely spoiled/blessed/spoiled/thankful/spoiled to have a friend of James' aunt offer us her fully furnished guest house (that typically puts up business travelers for their company) until we can move into our new place.  

And it's not just furnished, it's beautifully furnished.  A 1920's gem straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine and cozy to boot.   It's been so wonderful to just sit and decompress from the blur of these past few months.  The Keurig and I are BFF's.

These phone pics don't do it justice, but maybe I can convince her to let me do a legit house crash tour with the big girl camera before we go. 

After much praying and hoping, we signed the closing docs for the new place and the movers delivered the majority of our household goods TODAY.  Just under the Thanksgiving wire!  I don't have a pretty tablescape to share this year, but a table cloth over a couple of moving boxes might just be the best Thanksgiving table we've had to date.  My Gratitude List is a long one this year. 

Now that we've officially closed on the house, I can finally share pics of the new place along with all the scheming and planning we've been up to!  But first, a day to enjoy with those we love and cherish most.  A very Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!!

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!