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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 29: Moving Day - An Organized Pack Out

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Our moving day is right around the corner.  I'm sorry.  Excuse me while I freak out for a moment.....

OK, as I was saying, our moving day is right around the corner and I'm determined to supress my inner procrastinator to have us packed and organized for moving day!

This is one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situations.  I remember reading Toni's post on having an organized move awhile back and knew I was going straight to her color-coded method for our move. Click the link for the full low down.

The goal is that the house is packed up by room and each room is assigned a color.  All boxes for that room are labeled with the corresponding color.  On the unloading end, a color-key is posted on all the entry doors so movers know which color belongs to which room.  A corresponding colored sign is placed on each room's door, so the movers can easily identify each room's color.

I love these Martha Stewart color coding labels for so many things and since I had some extras on hand, I just needed to augment with a few additional colors - thank you washi tape.

I made up some labels in photoshop that can be printed on self -adhesive paper from your printer at home.   Each one includes a spot for a color coded sticker, the floor and room the box will be going to in the new place (i.e. 2nd floor, Bedroom 1,) and the box's contents. If the box contains something fragile or is extra heavy, simply check the appropriate box.

They are formatted to work with the Avery 3-1/3" x 4" White Shipping Labels (6 to a page).  Just click the link below the image to download...

Each box will be assigned a number and kept track of on our box inventory sheets.  Fill this out as boxes are packed and loaded on the moving truck.  Bust it out again when your load arrives and check the boxes off as they are unloaded.  I've got three choices for ya, so grab em' while they're hot!

 And to keep track of all those moving parts and last minute to-do's, here a couple of free Moving Day Checklists too.

Who's pumped to get packing??  I might need a little somethin', somethin' else to really get me motivated to pack, but at least I know we have a good plan and all the labeling goodness we need to get er done right whenever I do bust out the boxes!   

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