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31 Days of Moving!

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Today it begins!  

The Nester has laid down the 31 day smack down challenge - write on one topic for the 31 days of October.  I'm all in!

If my little insta-tease didn't give it away, there is officially a "for sale" sign in our front yard.

Three weeks ago, James was faced with the choice to stay in his job that he loathes (security with a side helping of depression) or to relocate to the mid-west within his company that he loves (excitement with a pinch of terror).  Clearly terror won the day, and we are packing our bags for a new adventure!  Literally.

This choice, this's all been a whirlwind.  There's so much I can't wait to share with you and this seemed the perfect vehicle to do it!  Over the next 31 days we'll be chatting about how we made our decisions, lessons learned from this house, tips for prepping a house to sell, lots of printables and resources for organizing a move (oh yes, there is a binder in your future!), house hunting tips, and all the projects we've been busy working on over the past few weeks!  We'll wrap it all up with a before and after tour of this house, at which point I just might ball my eyes out.  So, will you join me?  I promise I'll hold it together until the end.  ;)

I'll be posting the links to all the posts in this series on this page as they're published.

Day 2: 

To Move Or Not To Move

Day 3:

Our Kitchen Reveal!

Day 4: 

A Moving Binder In The Works

Day 5: 

The Moving Purge

Day 6:

When Being Booted From Your House For Showings Starts To Take It's Toll

Day 7:

Tips For Prepping Your House For Sale

Day 8: 

Identify A Stopping Point

Day 9: 

Keeping The House Show-Ready (with checklist!)

Day 10: 

Some ugly bathrooms

Day 11: 

House Hunting & Travel Apps

Day 12: 

A Traveling Friend

Day 13: 

Defining House Hunting Success

Day 14: 


 Day 15: 

An Offer!

Day 16: 

Printable Contact Sheet

Day 17: 

Take Time To Celebrate

Day 18:  

Neutralizing & Unifying your spaces

Day 19:

Two Houses, Two Contracts!

 Day 20:

Super Budget Spruce-up For The Master Bathroom

 Day 21: 

Hall Bathroom Refresh: Painting Over Wallpaper

Day 22: 

Saying Goodbye To Home

Day 23: 

The Do Not Pack List

Day 24:

Eat Cookies

Day 25:

The Pre Move-Out Checklist

Day 26: 

The Pre Move-In Checklist

Day 27:

The House Hunting Folder

Day 28: 

Prep Tips For Moving Day

Day 29: 

Moving Day - An Organized Pack Out

Day 30:

Full Printable Moving Binder

Day 31:

Final Before & After House Tour

Day 32: Staying Organized on Moving Day & Updated Printables