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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 8: Identify A Stopping Point

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I totally missed posting yesterday and now that I've officially messed up the perfect daily posting streak, the pressure's off.  I'm pretty sure my phone was stolen and we spent a day trying to resolve that issue.  I'm toting a new phone now and will either add a day to this series or double up on posts one day to get in the full 31.

In the last post we chatted about 6 no-to-low cost tips for prepping your house for sale.  But I think one of the most important tips that I didn't include is to identify a stopping point.  With a home like ours, full of endless projects, it's tempting but futile to try to take on years worth of projects in just a couple weeks.  There will simply always be more to do.

When we first got the news about relocating, I sat down with my full house project list and gave it a major hack job.  I needed to identify the minimum amount for getting our place to sell worthy.  The first thing off the list were any new projects that we had not even started yet...

That awesome pin-striped wall I had planned for behind the couch?  Gone.  Replaced with patching the large holes in the half wall next to the couch where we ripped out some spindles.  2 years ago.

The shelf  I've been dreaming about building for the laundry room? Axed and replaced with repairing the broken hook and touching up the pantry doors in the adjoining mud room.

As so it went.  I made a new list of house to-do's to finish before our scheduled pictures (leaving off things that wouldn't be seen in photos - insides of closets, functional fixes, etc).  And then another list of things to tackle between pictures and the house officially hitting the market.  Then, as much as I've been tempted to go around finishing just one more thing, I had to finally say that's it, we're done.

Our house is in an older neighborhood and even though we weren't able to finish everything we wanted to do in this house, it's still far more updated than many homes in this area.
 before and after
The person who buys this home will have to be willing and looking for a place that needs a little love and that they can make their own.  Just like we did.

And the best part about drawing the line in the sand and saying DONE is that we get to really enjoy this house for the rest of our time here.  At some point we'll need to start packing (right?) but we also want to take our last weeks in ABQ to enjoy all of the things we love and will miss about this city.

We're in the middle of my favorite week of the entire year - Balloon Fiesta! - and we don't want to be worrying about stuff we should be doing at the house.  I could be attempting to paint a dated built-in or replacing old cabinet doors, but then I would be missing out on things like balloon chasing with the boys...

This is the sweet spot.  The time to enjoy our city and all the wonderful relationships we've made here.  We're proud of what we accomplished in this home and don't want to look back feeling like all we did was work and not live here.   We've cut ourselves off from any more projects and we're living up our final weeks in this home that has been a true labor of love!

*This post is part of a 31 day series on moving - you can find all the posts right here!

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