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"31 Days of Moving" Day 6: Making Lemonade - Surviving Being Kicked Our Of Your House For Showings

Deme CrinionComment
Maybe I overestimated the ease of writing a 31 day series on moving while smack dab in the middle of it.  While I do have a lot of back logged project posts to share on how we prepped the house for sale, there's sort of this important aspect to actually being able to churn out those posts...and edit photos...and make fun little graphics.  That would be access to a computer.  Which has been illusive this past week.

And really, I'm not complaining.  We've had 12 or so house showings this week - which is awesome! - but it's also forced us to stay out of the house.  Always at totally convenient times.  If you didn't sense my sarcasm, that is a lie.

Keeping the kids out an hour past their naptime for showings on Saturday, made for a very cranky Sully.  We got them home and settled for some rest when I got a call for another showing in a couple hours.  We figured that was enough time to nap and head out for another trip to somewhere.  But they called back to let us know they were running ahead of schedule.  Waking up the sleeping Sully beast before he is good and ready is asking for some kind of somethin' no good.

So, lesson learned - protect the nap at all costs.  Or at least be in tune with how the selling process is taking its physical and emotional toll on your family. Sure we want to sell this house and make it convenient for people to come see it, but usually buyers are out looking at more than one property at a time.  If your family is experiencing excessive "kicked out of your own house" burnout, don't be afraid to say no and ask for another time.

The good thing about being forced out of the house, is that we've used it to carpe the family time.  We've frequented the pet store and visited with the adoption center pets.  We've hit our favorite foodie spots for a meal out and special snacks/treats (another lesson learned - keep a close eye on your spending....we've gone way over budget eating out this week!).  We've enjoyed the park and even the mall.  Where this happened...
Three small children, one large adult, and a miniature sized train that toted us all around the mall.....where Dad of the Year ran ahead and hid in various spots.  This wasn't exactly a roller coaster speed kind of a ride, so the kids appreciate the extra "Where's Waldo/Daddy" entertainment.

I thought keeping the house clean would be our biggest challenge, but for this home body I'm finding that having to stay away from home has been the most surprising difficulty.  We can't avoid it, so we'll try to keep making the best of it.  Thank goodness the annual Balloon Fiesta started this weekend, so we have plenty of hot air balloon chasing to keep us busy!

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