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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 5: The Moving Purge

Deme Crinion3 Comments
One of the biggest blessings in the timing of this move is the summer purge we did of our garage.  I was on the phone with my mom after finding out about our move and in the middle of the conversation, she blurted out, "Oh, Deme!  Thank goodness you went through all that stuff!!".  Indeed. 
I can not imagine having to go through a garage full of boxes in such a short amount of time.  In fact, all that stuff probably would have been packed up and moved to the new place just to take up new space and continue to stress me out.

Purging the home you're in and purging to prep for a move are two different things.   You can find our basic guidelines and tips for how to purge/sort through your stuff here.

When it comes to purging for a move the same basics apply but with an added element - "Do you really want to move this item?"  You are going to pay for every inch of moving space you'll need. And you'll need to find a place for it all on the other end too.

A couple of years ago (with another contract change for James' work) there was a good chance that we would be going overseas as a family.  We were at the end of our lease and didn't want to renew if we would be leaving in a few weeks.  It was right before Christmas, so we decided to pack up our stuff into a POD and head out to visit my family for the holidays while we waited for final details.

We would have needed two PODs to hold all our stuff.  Double the storage and double the fees.  Instead we scheduled a St Vincent De Paul truck to haul away some donations.  It pulled into the driveway right next to our POD and was about the same size.  By the time we were done, both were packed full.  One took our most loved things to storage and the other drove off with the things we could do without. 

The overseas gig fell through and when we arranged new housing, it was so nice to literally have only half our belongings to unpack.  Only the things we really needed and wanted.

It's time to take another look at what we have and decide what we want to take the time to pack up and move to this next place.  That's one thing I love about moving - it gives you a totally different perspective on what's worth keeping and the chance to let go of all the extra we tend to accumulate. 

I always feel so liberated and a little lighter after a good purge.  So bring it on!  I don't want to do any extra packing if I don't need to!

*This post is part of the 31 Days Of Moving series - you can find all them right here.

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